5 years in Business Events in Australia

By Event-Crew Australia Pty Ltd, 11 April, 2017


After leaving Europe the owners observed that the market of the business events in Australia is growing and the event management companies are struggling to find reliable hostesses and arrange them enough work opportunities. “We realised that working in different venues simultaneously our agency will be able to provide quality hostess service for these event management companies which previously could employ only amateurs and volunteers”, Timea Ridly explains. “Cooperating with various event organisers we can offer to our staff secure income, which allows us to hire hostesses with strong customer service background in the event and hospitality industries.”

Having someone in the management team with solid IT knowledge helped to develop an efficient online roster management system which is unique in this industry. The main aims of this innovative solution are to ensure that all the required positions are rostered and the necessary changes are quickly implemented. As this system makes easily visible the required staff numbers and hours, the pricing configuration can be simply created for any quotes and also it is linked to the company’s billing system. In addition all the employees’ details with photos are available via this system. In case of significant projects the company can provide online access for this system to the customers from where they can downloads reports about time, location and staff. “Developing our own badge printing solution also gave us a big advantage”, dr Tamas Ridly the CIO of the Event-Crew Australia, states. “Most of the event organisers would hire a company for registration and badge printing and another company for event hosting. Bundling these two services our company can offer better solutions and less stress for the organisers.”

Timea Ridly says that Event-Crew Australia is dedicated to promote professionalism in the field of hosting services therefore the company has a really strict and careful selection & training procedure. The company put emphasis on hiring experienced, loyal and committed crew and offer the best in European work ethics: reliability, punctuality, hard work with flexibility, outstanding customer service and understanding the cultural differences. The importance of understanding cultural diversity in events is crucial in Australia as the nation is culturally diverse and several international conferences are held in the country. The Event-Crew Australia works with bilingual staff and currently its crew speaks more than 20 languages. Nowadays the company has over 1000 registered staff and 500 regular hostesses.

During these 5 years the Event-Crew Australia worked all of the major cities, such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Cairns, Adelaide, Hobart, and Wellington (NZ) and also established virtual offices and local representatives in these locations. The company has wide variety of experiences from large-scale events, like:

Citibank Annual Conferences – Sydney – since 2013

Cisco Live! – Melbourne – since 2014

Cisco Regional Roadshow – Wellington/Auckland/Canberra/Perth/Melbourne/Brisbane – 2014

AGHA – Home and Giving Fair – Melbourne/ Sydney – since 2014

Rotary Convention International – Sydney – 2014

Hair Expo – Sydney/Melbourne – since 2014

20th International AIDS Conference – Melbourne – 2014

Fredrik Eklund Live in Australia – Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne – 2015

Amazon AWS Summit – Sydney – 2016

Microsoft Cloud Roadshow – Sydney – 2016

An Evening with Jean-Claude Van Damme – Sydney, Melbourne – 2016

Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress 2016 – Melbourne – 2016

Jeunesse Annual Conference – Sydney – 2017

Arnold Classic Business Australia Forum – Melbourne – 2017

Franchising Expo – Sydney – 2017


For more information about the Event-Crew Australia services please contact Timea Ridly by phone 0424491700 or by email [email protected] or visit the website www.event-crew.com.au

Source: Event-Crew Australia