A brand new way to use Teleportivity

By Teleportivity_Worker Clicks, 17 October, 2018


It’s simple.

  1. Generate your own custom QRideo (Video QR) codes in seconds
  2. Copy the code and place it around your location / website / brochure
  3. Your customer or visitor scans the code, and instantly a video call is placed through the phone web browser directly to you and your team to assist. They can see you, and you can see them!
    (no app required)

Try it now …
iPhone – Turn on your camera and place it over the code below , then click on the link
Android – Use your camera or a QR reader, scan the code then click on the link

Use cases:

  1. Wayfinding – Place custom QR codes throughout your location/s to create instant human touch-points and guided assistance, on-demand.
  2. Brand Engagement – Place QR codes on your in-store signage to instantly engage with your customers – “face to face”.
  3. Managed Services – Place QR codes on devices to allow customers to generate an instant video call. Quick, simple & easy.
  4. Remote Video Help Points – Assistance available on-site, on demand.

Forget app downloads, data exchanges, or call scheduling. QRideo is the first QR-based video platform that gives consumers face-to-face connection to experts, where they want, when they want. It’s meaningful connection, quite literally, at your audiences’ fingertips.

QRideo can also be integrated with NFC, or simply as a web link.

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