A Message from the EEAA President

By Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia, 24 March, 2021

Dear Members and Stakeholders,

As the industry gradually swings into action, we still cannot sit back and think everything is back to normal.

The continual failure by governments to value the Business Events Industry as an important part of the economy is still very much evident. Even most of the Tourism sector has missed out on the recent airfare discounts/rebates announced by the PM last week.

We have welcomed the introduction of the Business Events Grants Scheme but the delivery of this has been and continues to be “clunky” at best and unworkable at “worst”.

BECA, with the support of the EEAA and other associations, continues to address these inefficiencies and problems but when a sector does not really have its very own bespoke Federal Minister, it’s a struggle getting heard.
As JobKeeper ends next week there is a real possibility that some of our smaller sector companies, suppliers and organisers will be unable to continue, and this is even when venues such as the ICC have dozens of vacancies that they are trying to fill.

We will continue to lobby all governments as always and contrary to some other media reports, continue to influence policy via BECA at Federal level. In fact there’s a follow up meeting with the Federal Minister today. Claudia Sagripanti, our Chief Executive, is constantly in conversations and dare I say arguments particularly at state government level, lobbying for our sector.

The EEAA continues to offer benefits to our Members and our next offering is the Information Exchange on Skills and Operational Capability next Monday March 29 at the ICC Sydney, offered in both in-person and online formats. The Hon. Stuart Ayres, MP, NSW Minister will present the keynote session – please register and be heard, asking him the hard questions.

These are key issues relevant to the rebuild and growth of our industry so it’s important that you contribute your experiences. The panel following the Minister’s presentation will discuss learnings to date, and the short to medium-term measures to help rebuild and escalate growth of the Business Events Industry in New South Wales, and across Australia.

Looking forward to hearing from you at next week’s Information Exchange.

Warm regards,

Spiro Anemogiannis
President, EEAA

Source: Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia