A Message from the EEAA President

By Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia, 30 August, 2021

As the momentum continues to grow for Australia to be vaccinated so does the call for what the new “living with covid” may look like.

Whilst all governments are currently reticent about mandating vaccines for employees, we can leverage other campaigns from the airlines, restaurant & catering, and corporates like SPC regarding vaccination awareness.

And good to know that at least in NSW, hairdressing may be considered as an essential service!

This is a good time to share the hashtag #GiveBEaShot – we support BECA’s calls to get vaccinated. Tourism Australia has also made a toolkit available as part of their ‘It’s Our Best Shot for Travel’, including social media assets, an email signature, a website sticker and even a Zoom background. We realise that the topic of vaccination mandates has passionate supporters and detractors. We thank those who have shared their views and will continue to consult with members on this topic.

The EEAA is involved in multiple conversations about the pathway out of the immediate crisis, and into recovery. While there’s no timeline being offered, we are involved in the right conversations at the right level on issues such as capacity and density limits, national co-ordination, and targeted financial support.

EEAA Board Member, Matt Pearce, participated in last week’s meeting with Federal Minister for Trade, Hon. Dan Tehan, MP organised by BECA. And on a state basis (particularly Victoria and New South Wales), EEAA is helping to form policy through various groups. For example EEAA CEO Claudia Sagripanti is involved in various meetings including with Hon. Stuart Ayres, MP, and in Victoria, Matt Pearce is working on the insurance proposal. I want to reassure you that we are having constructive discussions with key decision makers.

Thanking Bob O’Keefe and Chris Muir for their services to the EEAA community

I, and the EEAA Board, would like to thank Bob O’Keefe and Chris Muir, two hard working Directors who recently resigned after years of service to the industry. Bob joined the EEAA Board in April 2003, and in June 2005 was elected President, a position he held until April 2007. The EEAA was fortunate in having Bob as Treasurer for a number of years and his stewardship of the EEAA’s finances was such that the Association has managed to stay healthy during the last 18 months of the crisis. Bob has worked tirelessly for our sector and we not only thank him but wish him well as he focuses on his day job running the BCEC during these difficult “stop-start” times.

I also thank Chris Muir, who in his role as the CEO of the GTA, contributed both strategically and ‘compliance’ wise as a EEAA Board Member for the last two years. Chris has been appointed as one of the Fair Works Commissioners.

EEAA Annual General Meeting, 28 September

I also remind all our Members and others that our AGM will be held at the end of September. As part of this annual process, we will be calling for new Board Nominations as our industry transitions out of the pandemic. The notices will be sent out soon so please consider nominating for the Board as we refresh and reposition the Association for the new landscape.

Warm regards,

Spiro Anemogiannis
President, EEAA

Source: Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia