Augmented Reality accessible for exhibitions & events

By Designteam, 17 August, 2016

Designteam delivers augmented reality for the exhibitions and events industry.


Augmented Reality is becoming mainstream entertainment with the rise of Pokémon Go. With large audiences understanding and appreciating Augmented Reality, it is expected that future events, conferences and exhibitions will have components of Augmented Reality as part of a campaign or brand activation.

Designteam, traditionally known for bespoke tradeshow stand designs & builds, plays into these developments by offering Augmented and Virtual Reality with an accessible solution for exhibitions. They released a video today explaining how this works here:

The Augmented Reality software they provide can be delivered as a white-label solution for campaigns and engagement with the brand’s audience. For smaller budgets a subscription-based model is also possible, eliminated any start-up costs apart from the development of creative work. This makes Augmented Reality more accessible and affordable to include for an exhibition stand or event.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are often mixed up. Virtual Reality needs equipment like Oculus Rift or the cheaper alternatives like Google Cardboard to view a 3D virtual world. With Augmented Reality the user just uses a smartphone or tablet to access the augmented experience.

The added benefit of AR over VR is also that with Augmented Reality you’re still partaking in the actual world, whilst with VR you’re more or less cut off from your surroundings (and look a bit geeky too…). Therefore Designteam suggests Augmented Reality to be more suitable for events and exhibitions than Virtual Reality, but both are expected to become growing trends for audience engagement at any type of exhibition.


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