Australian venues gather to discuss safety at GCCEC

By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia, 25 September, 2013

Safety was top of mind when the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) brought together some of Australia’s premier venue safety managers last week.


The Safety Managers Forum provides representatives with the opportunity to further streamline a national standardisation of safety processes, revisit WH&S legislation and share knowledge, experience and ideas with industry peers.


Recognised as subject matter experts, members of the Forum will participate in the development of a proposed safety program that may impact event management to ensure safe venue safe events across Australia. Other subject matter experts have also been invited to share their knowledge with the current group in efforts to enhance safety within their respective organisations.


GCCEC Safety Manager Adi Tal was delighted the forum was held at the Centre for the first time providing a platform for innovation and tangible tools that can be implemented in a short timeframe.


“The forum provides us with a great opportunity for our peers to discuss pressing concerns and initiatives on how we can stop unfortunate incidents from reoccurring; therefore prevention through education and sharing of information is vital,” said Ms Tal.


Topics discussed included contractor management and induction, management of plant and equipment, event risk management, construction and rigging activities, WH&S legislation and the Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) safety program.


The group continues to strive towards standardising, where possible, processes and documentation across venues. All venues openly share safety initiatives and ideas to drive continual improvement e.g. permit forms, pre-event risk checklists and changes to rigging within events. Significant changes and improvements have already been made in event risk management with many venues implementing a pre-event checklist based on risk assessments and a permit form process for high risk or unusual activities within events.


Further changes have been made to standardise venue requirements around hi-visibility clothing, children on- site, notifiable incidents, steps, vehicles and fuel and ladders.


Key initiatives that emerged included the introduction of ‘Safety Alerts’ which will be circulated across members of the forum and identifies safety related issues and outcomes that have occurred at a venue and the potential implications for other venues safety measures and operations.


Venues represented at the forum included Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Adelaide Convention Centre, Sydney Showground, Exhibition Park in Canberra, Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino and the STAR.


Venue Safety Managers from Australia’s largest venues meet annually to discuss safety in venues across Australia.

Source: Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre