"We are committed to growing our sector and supporting our members to be the best they can be."



The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) is Australia’s leading voice for the exhibition and event sector. We are committed to the growth and development of our sector, promoting the value of business events to local and global communities, and supporting our members so their businesses can prosper and grow.

Members of the EEAA are part of a recognised, reputable and respected professional association.

Our members include organisers, association organisers, venues and suppliers who deliver over 500 events a year. They are Australia’s leading event industry professionals.

EEAA members are part of a vibrant community. Our membership offers access to this extensive network, marketing support, professional development, recognition and valuable resources. The Association also brokers introductions between members and within its stakeholder community.

Annual Membership Fees (inc GST)

EEAA Strategic Partner Memberships:

Platinum Partner Gold Partner Associations
$15,175 $7,695 $3,495

EEAA Category Memberships – based on annual turnover:

Up to $500,000
from $500,001 to $1.5M
over $1.5M
$1,580 $2,565 $3,495

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Promoting the Power of Exhibitions is at the heart of the Association’s advocacy strategies.

There are two core pillars to the EEAA advocacy agenda:
  • The Power of Exhibitions to drive the economy by stimulating trade, investment, regional economic development, employment, tourism and knowledge sharing. We represent our industry to government and advocate for policies that support its growth.
  • In response to COVID-19, the EEAA worked with the highest levels of Federal and State Governments to achieve recognition and support for the industry.
  • The Power of Exhibitions to drive marketing success and community engagement. We promote our industry’s unique capacity to bring together face-to-face, live event market places with the online world.

The EEAA represents the industry on issues that matter to members in influential government, business and industry forums in Australia and internationally. Our advocacy agenda is highly targeted and designed to influence decision-makers in government, industry, media and business networks.

Our purpose is to:
  • promote the economic and social contribution of our industry
  • influence government policy to create an environment that enables our industry to grow
  • ensure ongoing investment in events infrastructure to ensure adequate capacity for member events to grow
  • ensure access to government services and programs for members, including delegate boosting funding, marketing support, bid and ministerial support, trade and investment opportunities and access to international markets and programs
  • ensure skills and labour policies promote careers in the exhibitions and events industry
  • influence the development and delivery of industry relevant course content and training packages to support a highly skilled workforce within the sector.

The Power of Exhibitions campaign has yielded significant results, including achieving the highest level of government, business and industry engagement for the sector and a respected voice in key circles of influence in this country.

The Association also has a major focus on promoting the merits of investing in exhibitions and events by marketers in all industry sectors.

The promotion of the Power of Exhibitions is at the heart of the Association’s brief and a key focus of new programs and initiatives.

The Association has delivered an ongoing campaign to:

  • media
  • marketers
  • influencers of marketing spend, and
  • marketing industry partners.

Networking and learning

The Association delivers a year-round program of events, forums and networking opportunities for its members. These events attract business, industry and government leaders and provide members with opportunity to discuss the latest issues and opportunities for the sector. They are much-valued by members and provide opportunities to network both within and outside the EEAA member community.

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Our Achievements in 2020

In response to COVID-19, the EEAA has achieved the following outcomes for the industry in 2020:

  • Ensured that the voice of our industry is heard in the highest levels of federal and state Governments;
  • Collaborated with other industry Associations about the importance of the controlled gatherings into all kinds of forums
  • Created many platforms for our industry to re-connect during the COVID-19 period of business hibernation, including our Global Exhibitions Day webinar, EEAA Ask the Board webinar, and the Sector-by-Sector Industry Updates, which has delivered a far greater reach than ever before
  • Continued our engagement with our Young Stars community virtual meetups and our Mentoring Series with senior leaders of the industry coaching the younger members of our community.
  • Embarked on the #ExpoReady social media campaign sharing the message that we are ready to stage exhibitions and events in a COVID Safe environment.
  • Promoted best practice health and safety protocols with the EEAA industry-wide COVID-19 Safe Operating Framework, to facilitate the safe return of business events.
  • For more information, read our summary 2020 Member Report Card

Our flagship events and programs

Make sure you reap the benefits of your EEAA membership and plan to attend our key events in 2021. Many of our events run in a hybrid format offering face-to-face and virtual attendance.

Mark the following dates in your diary for next year:

  • Tuesday 4 February – Meet the new EEAA Board
  • Thursday 25 February – Meet the EEAA Board (Melbourne)
  • Tuesday 9 March – International Women’s Day Breakfast
  • Wednesday 31 March – Re-imagining Business Events How to get the best out of live/hybrid events
  • May (date tbc) – Leader’s Forum/Sustainability Launch
  • Wednesday 2 June – Global Exhibitions Day Dinner and 2021 Annual General Meeting
  • Wednesday 23 – June Building Communities
  • Thursday 24 July – Meet the Board
  • Thursday 22 July – Exhibitor Marketing Masterclass
  • Wednesday 25 August – Digital Transformation, 1/2 day
  • Wednesday 27 October – New Risk Management
  • Tuesday 30 November – CEO Forum
  • Tuesday 30 November – EEAA Awards For Excellence

Note: the above dates are indicative, meeting dates and times to be confirmed in 2021.

EEAA Awards for Excellence

Members are invited to enter their event, product or service to win one of the prestigious awards presented annually at the EEAA Gala Awards Dinner

Young Stars Program

This program is open to all members, providing the industry’s future leaders with a voice and a supporting and nurturing environment to help develop and grow their careers in the sector.

During 2020, the EEAA ran a pilot group mentoring series for our Young Stars with senior representatives of the industry. The Program will continue in 2021.

The EEAA also collaborates with its members in the training sector to deliver education programs that support and nurture an appropriately trained workforce and help to provide the sector with access to a skilled talent pool. EEAA members have exclusive access to programs that offer practical skills and knowledge for those working in the exhibition industry, such as the new Excelling in Exhibitions Program delivered by Sydney TAFE, as well as connections to institutions that offer internships and trainees.

Information and research

EEAA members receive exclusive access to regular research studies commissioned by the Association each year. These studies, conducted by independent research companies and in partnership with other global industry organisations, help us to benchmark the industry, measure trends, and gather data on the industry’s contribution to the Australian economy, as well as providing the basis for the Association’s lobbying and advocacy programs. This research is also an extremely valuable, evidence-backed sales and marketing tool that members can use as validation of the Power of Exhibitions to further their business objectives.

Marketing and communications


As the recognised voice of the event and exhibition industry, the EEAA is regularly quoted and called upon to comment in the media. The Association also provides promotional support for its gold and platinum members’ major activities or news.


The EEAA develops marketing campaigns that promote and educate about the sector and encourages member participation in these activities to raise the profile of the Association’s individual members and the whole sector. Such campaigns include:

  • The Power of Exhibitions as both a valuable driver of the economy and an effective marketing channel.
  • Global Exhibitions Day, aimed at raising the profile of the exhibition industry.
  • ‘A career for life’ aimed at promoting careers in the industry to career advisers, parents and students.
Member communications

We keep in regular contact with our members to ensure they are always on top of relevant business issues, connected to the industry and updated on EEAA activities via newsletters, alerts, social media and PR communications.


Our website is a source of information for members and non-members alike and an invaluable communication tool for the Association.

  • Members are prominently featured across the website, including via individual profiles, acknowledgement of their support of our events and activities, as well as the opportunity to promote their latest news and post job advertisements.
  • The EEAA online event calendar is a searchable listing of all events run and hosted by EEAA members. This is an invaluable business development and profiling tool and the most visited section of the EEAA website by members and non-members alike. Each year, the EEAA produces a hard copy calendar based on this information, which is distributed to and used by an influential network of government, industry and business leaders.
  • Our online member directory features profile information on our current members. This publicly searchable listing is an invaluable way for members and non-members alike to find your services. Members are encouraged, where possible, to utilise the services of others within the membership community. You have 24/7 access to your online profile to ensure it’s always up to date.

Industry recognition

The EEAA is Australia’s leading voice for the exhibition and event sector. As the acknowledged industry body, membership of the EEAA provides credibility and enhances your company image. Members are provided with and encouraged to display the EEAA logo – the acknowledged industry symbol and a powerful marketing tool – in their company promotions.

The EEAA administers an annual awards program that recognises excellence in the industry and its members have the opportunity for their products, services, shows and people to be acknowledged and celebrated within the industry by this prestigious recognition program.

EEAA has been recognised internationally for its industry advocacy by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and Exhibition World Magazine who awarded the EEAA the Global Exhibitions Day #GED Industry Impact Award in both 2018 and 2017.

Industry standards

The EEAA upholds and promotes a high-level of industry-wide professional standards by administering a Code of Ethics that applies to all EEAA members.

What our members say about us

“As 2021 approaches, there is an emerging level of optimism and confidence with hosting events again. They may not be as large, they may not have as dense an audience as we were used to but we will be back, with even greater focus on quality of audience and the customer experience.

So please join us in committing to maintaining membership to EEAA, so we can protect the work that the Association does on our behalf to ensure that our voice is heard in government and industry and that we continue to be strong, self-regulated and independent.” Read our letter of Endorsement from our Organisers here

“The EEAA is the heartbeat of the industry. If you’re not in the exhibition industry association
you’re really not in the exhibition industry.” Domenic Genua, Boating Industry Association
of NSW

“The relationship between EEAA and its members is fundamental to providing a platform of
support, communication and information sharing to collectively enjoy success.” Beverley Parker, International Convention Centre Sydney

“EEAA is a good mix of venue, supplier and organiser which helps each group to gain a greater understanding of each other’s issues.” Jim Delahunty, ExpoNet