By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia , 28 June, 2019

Business events leaders commended being a member of the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) as a major path to business success in the EEAA 2019 Leaders Forum and Conference video launched today.

EEAA Chief Executive, Joyce DiMascio, welcomed the positive feedback from its Members and Stakeholders who have commended the EEAA’s services, including targeted networking opportunities, leadership, knowledge-sharing, professional development, credibility to the wider community and a voice in government policy.

“Hear the benefits of being part of the EEAA community first-hand from attendees at the EEAA 2019 Leader Forum and Conference that took place in Melbourne on 5-6 June.” Ms DiMascio said.

Chief Executive Officer of International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), Geoff Donaghy emphasised the importance of the advocacy work conducted by the Association.

“It’s incredibly important that we have someone representing our industry’s interests at those national and state forums and EEAA deliver that wonderfully well,” Mr Donaghy said.

Rodney Cox, Director of Delaro, an Organiser Member said “being a member of the EEAA gives me credibility even internationally and also domestically, it’s like a business card opener.”

Exhibition Organiser, Timothy Collett, Managing Director of Specialised Events said “it’s really important for the industry to come together, organisers, venues, suppliers. We all need to work together to run the best events we possibly can.

“It’s really educational, it’s inspiring and it’s a lot of fun to catch up with everyone.” Mr Collett said.

Chris Muir, Chief Executive Officer of Gaming Technologies Association, an Association Organiser Member said “to be here with people whose lives are completely consumed by exhibitions and events is just a fantastic experience for organisers like us.”

The Association works closely with the emerging leaders of the industry. Senior Business Development Manager for Harry the Hirer, Christine Kotsis reflected on the mentorship and support she received from the Association throughout her career.

“Having the EEAA and the team alongside my career have really helped me to connect with the right people that I need to within the industry.” Ms Kotsis said.

Watch highlight video here.

The EEAA 2019 Leaders Forum and Conference was held on 5-6 June at Melbourne Convention and Exhibitions Centre to coincide with Global Exhibitions Day (#GED19).

The program was aligned with three of #GED19’s key messages, including the importance of the sector to the economy, exhibitions as an effective and sustainable way of doing business and promoting a “A career for life” in business events.

EEAA Chief Executive, Joyce DiMascio, said the content had an international flavour which was well received.

“We had a strong program of both International and Australian speakers and we offered invaluable learning and networking opportunities for those who attended.” said Ms DiMascio.

“Key outcomes from the two-day forum include the establishment of a Sustainability Framework for the industry to follow along with the launch of the second phase of our “A career for life” campaign that encourages and attracts talent to the industry.

“The EEAA 2019 Leaders Forum and Conference highlight video reinforces the importance of the Association. We hope to continue to grow our community and widen the remit of the Association to ensure we reflect industry changes and can continue to service the industry.” Ms DiMascio said.

Source: EEAA