Coleman Group’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future

By Coleman Group, 26 July, 2019


Over the 75 years Coleman Group has been established they have remained innovative and forward thinking. Now faced with the ever-growing knowledge of the impact businesses have on the environment, Coleman Group have initiated a ‘Sustainability Commitment’ that aims to prevent the depletion of natural resources, with the goal of maintaining ecological balance.

The true challenge of sustainability lies in enforcing it without impacting the thriving industry. Coleman Group’s development of the ‘Sustainability Commitment’ aims to achieve just that. Management have devised ten practices to progress the business from that of a Linear Economy, into a Circular Economy where all material (including general waste) are either Reused, Recycled or Repurposed.

A circular economy looks beyond the traditional ‘take-make-waste’ industrial model, and focuses on removing the ‘waste’, and reducing the ‘take-make’. It looks to keep products and material in use and allows for the environment to regenerate. In taking on this ambitious challenge Coleman Group aim to reduce their carbon footprint through the minimisation of landfill and green-house emission contribution.

Coleman Group retrieves all unwanted single-use fabrics from clients and sends this textile waste to a Resource Recovery Facility (RRF). This waste is shredded, co-mingled with wood-pulp, and then bailed to produce Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) that can be used in place of environmentally sourced fossil fuels. This process diverts a total of 90% of outgoing waste from landfills and repurposes it elsewhere.

Coleman Group provide their clients with ‘eco-friendly’ material alternatives and give them the ability to make a choice. These material alternatives are predominantly made of recycled resources and can be used in place of plastic-heavy stock. This ‘choice’ aims to encourage the industry to work towards a sustainable future as a common goal, without restricting the function of our thriving industry.

For more information on Coleman Group’s ‘Sustainability Commitment’ click here.

Source: Coleman Group