Coronavirus Leads Collaboration to Explore New Spaces

By Designteam, 23 March, 2020

Spaces by Mirk x Designteam Launched

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has already had a dramatic impact on Australian businesses through the cancellation of trade exhibitions, conventions, and industry events. Businesses now face the prospect of months of restrictions on public gatherings and limits on traditional person-to-person interactions.

Almost overnight, every business sector is having to ask, “what do I do now?”. Many in the exhibitions and events space have pivoted to live stream presentations and video conferencing – but does this approach best showcase product and service-based applications? How can the proven benefits of the personal interactions found in exhibitions and events be re-imagined?

Mirk and Designteam have come together to answer these questions – leveraging over 35 years of experience in the events and technology space. Both leaders in their respective industries, they wanted to explore how emerging technology could be deployed to bridge the gap between isolation and interaction in a meaningful way.

“We have both been inundated with client requests for assistance as a result of the Coronavirus crisis”, Mirk Co-Founder Michael Dries said. “In response, we’ve established Spaces by Mirk x Designteam”. Spaces uses emerging technologies to help clients who are dealing with the cancellation of events, training or group interactions – “providing a familiar environment to immerse, engage, and interact; borrowing the best from both live events and the technology space” explains Dominic Le Roy, Designteam’s Managing Director. Spaces is an efficient and cost-effective solution that delivers an interactive experience on any desktop or personal device; from anywhere, at any time.

By utilising technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D Animation; Spaces can deliver interactive mobile and web content across all platforms. It effectively replicates an exhibition booth, showroom, gallery space or training environment; and facilitates interaction with virtual objects (touch points). Spaces creates a shared immersive experience, ensuring that businesses can create and maintain meaningful connections with customers and stakeholders.

The ability to react quickly and effectively to overcome challenges such as the Coronavirus is key to ensuring the ongoing success of Australian businesses. Spaces by Mirk x Designteam provides an opportunity for businesses to navigate what will likely be ‘the new normal’ for a long time to come. Ultimately, early investment in emerging platforms creates dynamic opportunities to connect with your customers, and new tools for engagement. Spaces is not a temporary solution – it will be as important for tomorrow as it is for today.

About Mirk and Designteam: Spaces was created by Mirk and Designteam: both independently owned Australian creative and technology studios, with dedicated teams of designers, developers, technologists and producers.

Mirk are creative technologists – driving and developing emerging art and technology tools such as AR, VR and game engine platforms to tell your brand’s story. Mirk is a group of designers, developers, creators and strategists who apply emerging technologies to create innovative experiences.

Designteam has over 30 years of experience in designing and delivering creative branded spaces and is an industry leader in event production. Designteam combines interior, interactive, digital, and UX design disciplines, to create innovative event environments. Designteam is committed to challenging the status quo and pioneering new platforms to enable meaningful business connections.

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Source: Designteam