Covid Safe Event Analysis

By Australian Events, 7 August, 2020

With two major COVID Safe expos under their belts, Queensland based event management company, Australian Events Marketing is leading the way out of COVID lockdowns and into a brave new world for the event industry.

The company has invested hundreds of hours of research and development into creating COVID Safe Event Plans that have been scrutinized and accepted by public health units across the state.

New COVID tracing requirements have pushed the development of mobile technologies, from 100% online ticketing for patrons to scanning and monitoring of every person entering and leaving an event. Exhibitor COVID Safe inductions were quickly developed and moved online, while contractors, cleaners and security were provided with newly developed apps for reporting purposes. The contactless environment was critical to ensure both events received approvals from health authorities.

Company director Bob Carroll stated, “The requirements from the Public Health Units were extensive and more detailed than any other industry re-opening from the lockdown to date”. “We understand the necessity to get this right and thank the authorities for their continued support throughout the entire process”.

The event approvals have saved many Queensland jobs and provided a much needed life line to struggling companies who rely on events for their survival. Events support hundreds of local businesses, from exhibiting companies to manufacturers, contractors, delivery drivers and venue staff through to local accommodation providers, shops and restaurants. The greater economic impact of events is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

Australian Events Marketing has now paved the way for other event organisers to follow, but the industry needs to prepare for change as the new normal takes place.

Below are some early post-event statistics that point towards a positive future for expos, providing the population can adhere to COVID Safe Rules and social distancing.


75.5% of exhibitors said they made sales at the event and/or immediately after the event, while 85.5% of exhibitors said that events like this were important to their sales strategy in the current economic climate.

An interesting statistic to come out of both events was that the number of first-time visitors increased, making up a combined 43% of attendees at both events.

All exhibitors said they were pleased that Australian Events had brought the events back to life. 76.5% off exhibitors surveyed from the two events said that they have been suffering through the pandemic with a downturn in sales activity.

To register your interest to take part in one or more of the COVID Safe Events taking place between now and November, visit the Australian Events Marketing website, or phone their office between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday on FREECALL 1800671588

Source: Australian Events

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