Cultural hub cultivates live music program with Ungerboeck Software.

By Ungerboeck, 28 August, 2019

Kingston Arts is the vibrant arts hub and cultural centre of City of Kingston. The organisation was using a legacy system that, while it met booking and event management needs, limited its teams’ agility and ability to focus on areas that would generate growth. The progressive council of City of Kingston that oversees the centre recognised the ability of cloud-based solutions to provide superior functionality and user-experiences, however migration to Ungerboeck’s new browser-based platform needed to meet its specifications for architecture, data management and security.

The migration and rollout schedule were defined by Kingston Arts’ key
stakeholders in collaboration with the venue’s dedicated Ungerboeck team. A key component was to provide guidance and create simple customisations to help the team at Kingston Arts achieve organisational goals.

After completing the transition of their venue management to the cloud, the
benefits of working with one single source of truth have been immediate…

The team can plan more effectively as they have better control and visibility of their financial data including cost projections – a significant economic driver for the centre.

The enhanced event scripting, tailored towards live music and theatre
production, can easily be shared with stakeholders including managers and
performers, keeping everyone on the same page throughout planning and
performance schedules.

The platform supports the Kingston Arts live music vision as it enables the
team to be far more proactive and agile by simplifying the process of engaging with agents and artists. Darren Whittingham, Venue Hire Coordinator and programmer, loves the flexibility that the software has given him when he is out on the road sourcing and liaising with prospective acts. Being able to access the browser-based CRM allows him to be more responsive as he can share real-time information as well as make updates on the fly.
A few other key benefits include greater productivity, efficiency and ease of use. The centre anticipates significant savings, as resources have been diverted to activities that add business value and support the organisation’s strategy. Implementing an online space enquiries platform, for example, has allowed the centre to automate enquiries for its unstaffed “minor halls”.
Finally, the team at Kingston Arts really loved the guidance provided by their dedicated Ungerboeck Software Consultant and Customer Success Manager. Ungerboeck’s hands-on team evaluated the venue’s goals and initiatives, offering practical advice and solutions to help them overcome their business challenges. Whittingham complimented the team’s can-do approach, highlighting their regular response to requests: “We can do that! Here’s how we’re going to get you there.”

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Source: Ungerboeck Software International