Customer Insights Drive Innovative and Interactive User Information Portal

By Ungerboeck Software International, 18 September, 2013

When looking for answers to commonly asked questions, software users are often driven to a user manual that may be outdated – or to an online, static FAQ section of a website. Ungerboeck Software is taking a new and better approach to helping customers find the answers they need to questions about their software. Drawing on the vast knowledge of their customer base, and incorporating best practices, Ungerboeck Software has introduced an interactive Knowledge Base that allows users to search for information, ask questions and have ongoing conversations with other software users and Ungerboeck employees.


“Because our software is highly configurable, it becomes unique to each customer – and customers are given the opportunity to further tailor the software after they’ve been using it,” explained Krister Ungerboeck, Ungerboeck Software CEO. “This new interactive tool gives customers the user manual functionality that they want, paired with peer reviews and industry best practices. It becomes a living, breathing resource that offers greater insight than any static user manual could ever deliver.”


The Ungerboeck Knowledge Base was announced at Ungerboeck Software’s 2013 Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Source: Ungerboeck