Darwin’s Fusion Exhibition and Hire Services acquired by Adelaide Expo Hire

By Adelaide Expo Hire Pty Ltd, 23 February, 2016

Shandelle Judd and Michael Dickinson of Fusion Exhibition and Hire Services Darwin have sold their highly successful business to Michael Siebert, owner of Adelaide Expo Hire effective 5th February 2016.


Michael Siebert, Managing Director of Adelaide Expo Hire said “I have admired the business that Shandelle and Michael have built and noticed similarities in our businesses, especially the quality and service both companies offer. When the opportunity arose, I was excited to work with people I had known and respected for a number of years”. Michael continued “I have always loved the Northern Territory ever since my first visit a number of years ago. I am appreciative of Shandelle and Michael remaining at Fusion for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition to all our continued clients”.


Michael said “the businesses (Fusion Exhibition and Hire Services and Adelaide Expo Hire) will continue to be operated as two completely separate entities with Fusion based in Darwin and Adelaide Expo Hire in Adelaide. Both being smaller regions, I feel it is important to support the local communities and continue to provide the exceptional service that both companies are known for.”


Fusion Exhibition & Hire Services is the Northern Territory’s largest supplier of exhibition equipment. It has been operating since 2004, providing shell scheme booths, furniture, custom built displays, theming, signage, carpet, display equipment, plants and audio visual for conferences, business and public events.


Source: Adelide Expo Hire