Designteam and Spaces Interactive brings the annual NIBA Convention to fruition virtually, letting industry leaders ‘Navigate the Winds of Change’

By Designteam, 17 November, 2020

Designteam works with newly founded start-up, Spaces Interactive, on the success of its latest project for the National Insurance Brokers Association’s (NIBA) Virtual Convention in 2020. With the event being cancelled earlier this year, the team joined forces with NIBA to transform what was traditionally a face-to-face event onto a virtual stage, extending access to individuals anywhere in the world.

“The tremendous effort of the team at Spaces Interactive was instrumental in bringing it to fruition. NIBA was thrilled to host the industry’s first, entirely virtual, convention”- Arianne Bath, NIBA National Sponsorship, Events and Mentoring Manager.

The NIBA Convention was available for viewing from Monday, 26 October to Friday, 30 October, providing brokers with the perfect opportunity to learn from one another and interact with all elements of the virtual platform. Similar to the formerly physical event, attendees were able to hear from and network with industry leaders, regulators and presenters surrounding the topics of adapting to ongoing change, difficult economic conditions, pressures from insurance markets and digital / IT developments within the industry. Furthermore, the immersive platform acted as an efficient and cost effective solution to previous events, allowing NIBA to continue generating vital revenue from ticket sales / sponsorship as well as helped them to envisage the possibilities that Spaces Interactive’s design and technology capabilities can deliver for future conventions.

Attracting over 1000 delegates, the Virtual Convention was enjoyed by all attendees from the comfort of their homes and offices whilst simultaneously permitting the completion of work in between sessions. In addition, the platform provided the invaluable chance for delegates to network face-to-face with various industry leaders with whom they had thought to be previously unreachable due to COVID-19 restrictions currently in place.

Standout features designed and developed by Spaces Interactive:

    1. Virtual Marketplace: Provided brokers with the opportunity to connect and interact directly with suppliers within the insurance industry to assist with diversifying options they present to clients
    2. Live streaming: The convention program was made live with Spaces studio partners in Sydney, opening up access to individuals anywhere in the world
    3. Virtual roundtables: Delegates could choose from a variety of virtual roundtables within which they could initiate a video call to network face-to-face with other delegates, sponsors, NIBA staff and speakers
    4. Real time chat: Delegates were able to ask real time questions during each speaking session and establish a clear line of communication with suppliers in the marketplace
    5. CPD Points: Brokers were given the opportunity to collect CPD points by watching approved accredited sessions contributing to achieving their professional development objectives

With the theme this year being ‘Brave New World – Navigating the Winds of Change’, the Spaces Interactive team was the perfect fit to design and deliver NIBA’s first Virtual Convention. Spaces Interactive offers its expertise in events and emerging technologies to companies looking to innovate, react to change and drive forward in 2020. Founders Michael Dries, Mark Dries and Dominic Le Roy combine over 35 years of expertise in the field of events and technology to deliver unique, immersive experiences that showcase clients’ physical spaces, products, events or training opportunities. Focus for each creative project undertaken by the Spaces team is placed heavily on integrating advanced web, mobile, augmented and virtual reality technologies to enhance engagement prospects as Spaces Interactive believes this is where the future of B2B and B2C interactions lie post COVID-19.

“All of our clients are realising the ability to deliver engaging virtual experiences that can be accessed by people at anytime any location, offers invaluable benefits well after any COVID restrictions have been listed”, says Mark Dries, Spaces Co-Founder and Head of Creative.

As a company that seeks to push the boundaries and redefine what is possible with technology, Spaces Interactive will continue to pave the way for businesses navigating the ‘new normal’ and those looking to invest in the future of customer engagement .

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