Digital transformation cuts workload by 60% for Mandurah PAC

By Ungerboeck Software International, 13 September, 2019

Two years after undertaking a comprehensive digital transformation, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (ManPAC), the artistic and creative hub for the Peel region in Western Australia, have not only increased their productivity but also reinforced their notoriety amongst local artists, audiences and the community.

By moving away from their paper-based system, ManPAC have significantly
reduced their workload by 60%. This has enabled the centre to manage their time more efficiently and allocate their resources more effectively.

“With our cloud-based event management platform, we have eliminated the margin for errors. Our team has a clear visibility on the details of each event hosted in our venues. They are more engaged and can better assist our
customers with their needs.” says Marc Missiaen, Business Manager at ManPAC.

With the implementation of Ungerboeck Software, the team at ManPAC is now able to save space booking confirmations, orders, dates, and contracts in one secured location. Recurring events are easily rescheduled from one year to another while keeping all details from previous editions on record. This has eliminated the requirement for staff members to process information manually, and repetitive tasks are handled within the software directly.

Marc Missiaen adds, “Administrative tasks that used to take 30 minutes
to complete are now achieved in less than 10 minutes. When you take into
consideration the time and energy saved, the initial investment is meaningless. I think that Performing Arts Centres have no choice but to transform if they want to remain competitive in the future.”

ManPAC can now focus on growing their activity, welcoming additional events every year and generating more revenue. With just a few months to go until the end of the year, ManPAC already have an almost fully booked agenda for the year with many bookings coming in for 2020.

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Source: Ungerboeck Software International