Disruptive visual support technology

By Teleportivity_Worker Clicks, 3 December, 2018

Your remote based IT / Technical support team can now be available live, everywhere, at the click of a button.

Live video IT helpdesk through fixed, interactive screens on-site.

Teleportivity enables you to solve problems on-site – no matter how far away you are. Remotely assist on-site staff or clients through troubleshooting, problem resolution, setup, and more.

Also, QR codes can be placed on to labels, devices, signage.
Users simply scan the code to generate an instant video call (no app required)

Unique QR codes can also convert to NFC or SMS message
Customer can use their own cellular device to connect instantly…

Multiple methods of instant video communication:

  1. QR Codes / NFC Stickers – Place on devices, signage…anywhere
  2. SMS / Instant Message – push a simple web link via SMS / email / instant message to your customer to activate an instant video call on their device through their web browser (no app required)

See what your customer sees!
As if you were right there with them…

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Why is teleportivity different?

  • Your very own PABX video platform – ideal for teams
  • No App required to start video call
  • Centralised admin control of all endpoints
  • Cloud based system – all you need is a web browser & camera/mic
  • Generate 100’s of QR Video unique endpoints
  • Seamless connectivity into your customer locations
  • Know where your customer is before they say a word
  • Remote control of all QR / Screen Endpoints
  • Full control & visibility of your support team
  • Multiple team members can assist your on-site client seamlessly
  • Your staff can answer calls via PC or a mobile device

Teleportivity is a video communication platform like no other.

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