By Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia, 9 April, 2021

The EEAA have announced two new co-chairs for the EEAA Young Star’s Executive Committee. Nikki Witman of Talk2 Media & Events and Amrita Dip of Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre will be taking the mantle in 2021.

Nikki joined the committee in 2020 and was a runner-up to the Richard Geddes Young Achiever Award in 2019. “I am thrilled to be co-chairing the Young Stars Committee and am grateful for the opportunity the EEAA has provide. I look forward to continuing to develop a strong community that supports the growth and development of young professionals in the industry,” says Nikki.

Amrita said she is very excited to be joining her fellow co-chair in heading up the committee. “I believe young professionals have so much to offer the Event Industry, and I’m looking forward to bringing us together as the next generation,” she said.

The EEAA is also pleased to announce that a new role has been created to head up the newly curated marketing sub-committee of the EEAA Young Stars. Lakisha Di Valentino of Diversified Communications will be stepping in as Head of the Marketing Sub-Committee.

Lakisha joined fellow committee member Nikki as a runner up to the Richard Geddes Young Achiever Award in 2019 and said she is grateful to the EEAA for this wonderful opportunity. “The EEAA Young Stars Program is a platform for the young professionals in the industry to connect and grow, and I am very eager start working with the wider community to take advantage of and shine a spotlight on the young talent in events.”

The EEAA Young Stars will continue to bring together the young professionals in the events and exhibition industry through several networking events throughout the year. A key focus will be on growing and nurturing the community for those entering the industry, as well as discussing the challenges, issues and trends faced by young professionals in events.

Find out more about the EEAA Young Stars Committee and keep an eye out for an updated event calendar in the coming weeks.



Source: Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia