By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia , 4 December, 2017

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) is pleased to announce a new international research partnership with Explori to produce a new benchmark research study for the exhibition and event industry.

Based in the UK, Explori is building a reputation within the global exhibition and event industry as an important source of industry intelligence and insights.

The partnership will improve the quality of data collected by the Association for its annual Market Monitor, as well as allow the industry to be benchmarked against the rest of the world.

EEAA President Spiro Anemogiannis said the Association was pleased to refresh its research program through this new partnership.

“We welcome this opportunity to work with Explori – our new international partner. It will breathe new life into our research and will also open up new opportunities for the Association and our Members to better understand Australasia’s performance against the rest of the world,” Mr Anemogiannis.

“Explori joined our Leaders Forum earlier this year and delivered one of the event’s most compelling presentations, showcasing the insights they have gleaned from data gathered from exhibitions and exhibition organisers from all around the world. They are building an impressive global databank that will allow us to benchmark our industry’s outcomes.

“The company already works with a number of our Members, as well as with the global peak body for our industry – The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

“We are proud to join the network of industry players that are helping to build a critical mass of data globally, resulting in better intelligence on the performance and outlook of our industry, here and around the world.” He said.

Explori CEO and founder, Mark Brewster, said the partnership would help to increase the ‘richness of data from the region’, contributing to the quality of the company’s global benchmarks and benefiting the industry as a whole.

“Explori are very proud to become EEAA’s research partner. The exhibition market in the region is dynamic and innovative and EEAA plays a huge part in driving this,” Mr Brewster said.

“The Explori team are experts in delivering research projects to the exhibitions industry and in addition we hold some of the most comprehensive benchmarks on show performance across the globe. We believe that this relationship will give EEAA members greater access to insights both locally and globally that will help them make the most of opportunities for growth.”

EEAA and Explori will begin working on the refreshed research project in the coming months. Some of the enhancements to the Market Monitor research will include:

  • In-depth analysis of the results, including trends, forecasting, business conditions and benchmarking with the global industry. The industry sectors will also be aligned with UFI’s global research.
  • Addition of a qualitative component, gathered via detailed interviews with respected industry leaders. Their views on industry trends, business conditions and opportunities will form the basis of a narrative that gives context to the quantitative component.
  • Addition of a detailed commentary on the performance and outlook of the Australasian business event industry using the qualitative and quantitative results from the research as well as from various other data sources, such as other industry reports and audited shows.
  • Inclusion of venue data and non-member data to more accurately represent the health and size of the industry.
  • Refreshed survey fields customised to ensure relevancy for each sector of the industry – organisers, association organisers, venues and suppliers.

EEAA Chief Executive, Joyce DiMascio said: “Accurate data and credible commentary on our industry is an important tool for our members to help inform their business decisions. It’s also essential for the Association’s advocacy agenda in both the marketing industry and also across Government,” Ms DiMascio said.

“We are excited by this new partnership and look forward to working with Explori to both strengthen our own research program and the quality of data on the industry globally.”

The new partnership was announced to EEAA Members at the Association’s annual conference held in Melbourne on 28 – 29 November.