By Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia, 16 June, 2021

Today, the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) is pleased to announce the launch of a Pilot program to provide Risk and Safety training and consultancy services, by Beaspoke Safety, a specialist risk and safety consultancy.

This is the next step in the EEAA’s comprehensive risk and safety management program of work, following the release of the Safe Operating Framework in 2020, a national guide for Organisers and Suppliers ensuring the COVIDSafe operation of exhibitions and events.

EEAA Chief Executive, Claudia Sagripanti says “This sector is one of the most highly regulated with an impressive safety record and a commitment to maintaining safe work practices, particularly for organisers, contractors and venues in building exhibitions. The EEAA is continually revising its risk and safety management program in light of legislation and COVIDSafe practices, and continues to invest in ongoing education and professional
development to further promote safety within the industry. We are delighted to launch this pilot in 2021 with Beaspoke Safety for the provision of WH&S services to EEAA members at a preferential rate, and to maintain the focus on safety and risk management. “Paul Elliott, Chair of the EEAA’s Risk & Safety Sub-committee, and State Manager NSW for Harry the Hirer added that: “After a thorough search for potential companies that can offer
specific WHS services to our members, Beaspoke Safety is the only company that truly knows and works in our industry.”

“Especially as we emerge from COVID, this is an essential service for our members. I’m confident that Beaspoke Safety has both the expertise and personalised approach to assist our members with their return to traditional business events.”

Beaspoke Safety’s Director and Principal Consultant’, Bea Tomlin, said “I look forward to working with the EEAA’s members. As a consultancy that is focussed on assisting the events and exhibition industry, we understand the importance of delivering creative experiences to and for attendees and clients, whilst ensuring safety and compliance. We are not just about
creating a set of documents that sit on a shelf gathering dust, we create true and real documentation that represents an organisation’s work practices that are workable and achievable. Our ultimate goal is for the individual land the team to develop a risk mindset, so it becomes part of the everyday process of the business.”

EEAA members interested in accessing this service need to contact the EEAA office on [email protected], on 02 9413 9520, and will deal with Beaspoke Safety directly for the provision of services.

Provision of Services include:

  • Event Management Plans, Venue Plans & Onsite Reviews
  • Exhibition manuals
  • COVIDSafe planning and plans
  • Gap analysis (audit) of existing documentation
  • Risk Assessments and Risk Management Plans
  • Health and Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Emergency and Evacuation plans
  • Staff and volunteer management; Contractor inductions
  • Training on Risk Management, COVIDSafe protocols and plans, and Manual handling

About Beaspoke Safety
Beaspoke Safety combines specialist risk and safety expertise along with established operational experience within the International events and exhibition industry over the past 25 years. As the name suggests, Beaspoke Safety combines accumulated knowledge to provide a contemporary personalised approach to each client’s desired outcome. Each client’s needs are diverse and unique, so accordingly Beaspoke Safety supports the client throughout all stages of the event, whether it be from initial strategic planning through to a successful post event.

Bea Tomlin’s, the director of Beaspoke Safety, passion for risk and safety was ignited early in her career whilst working in the UK as an Operations Manager for a large exhibition company. It was during this time that Bea developed the first online exhibitor manual in the UK, in an era where
many exhibitors were challenged with email and websites.

The mission of Beaspoke Safety is to offer a service that provides the tools and knowledge to develop and implement your own risk and safety culture that is real and relevant to your operations and satisfies outcomes, whilst maintaining a high-level compliance at law. Working with you, not against you; to advise, not dictate; to assist your team and provide practical solutions to your immediate problems, and guidance in sustaining long term safety management systems. The goal is to empower your team with the knowledge and confidence to deliver events and exhibitions
that minimise risk and that rise to a level of compliance through the providence of effective and affordable risk and safety solutions.

Source: Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia