By Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia, 20 July, 2020


On behalf of the EEAA members, I attended a private meeting with the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and industry this morning where we discussed the barriers and support that exhibitions and business events need to restart. Thank you to EEAA members Dylan Retif of DisplayWise and Tim Russell of Creative Hire for hosting.

You can access the transcript of the Prime Minister’s media conference here – he specifically mentions exhibitions and business events.

“We can get business events running again, we can get exhibitions running again, they can be done safely, they can be done economically and viably, and so today was a good opportunity to consult with the industry and get a good handle on some of the obstacles they have, some of the challenges that they will have to get across,” quote from Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Restoring exhibitor and visitor confidence is currently our biggest issue. To support this, as announced by Spiro Anemogiannis, EEAA President last week, the EEAA has launched an important social media campaign, #ExpoReady.

This campaign is focussed on those states which are in a position to host events, with shows booked and ready to run. It is the first stage of implementing our Rebuild Strategy and the EEAA invites all industry to get involved.

We are very aware of the issues and major challenges being faced in Victoria and to a lesser extent in New South Wales and we are very concerned for all those affected. It is important to note that we need to accept COVID-19 is with us for some time yet, until such time as a vaccine is found. We need to learn to cope and work with the health restrictions and include COVIDSafe operating measures in our planning. What is critical, is that we get back to business, so please use all your channels to get the message out. Consistency and momentum is key – let’s aim to get the message out now.

NSW Capacity Limits

I’ve received a number of calls regarding the restriction changes in NSW announced by Premier Gladys Berijiklian last week, and have provided a clarification below that there is NO change to capacity limits for function venues.

#ExpoReady to re-open

On the global stage, we have seen shows reopening successfully particularly in China and the Middle East and the announcement last week by Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirming that conferences and exhibitions will be permitted from 1 October 2020 in England. In Australia, it’s vital that the entire industry supports the key message that we are ready to host shows, #ExpoReady – all sectors need to join in. Unity is key.

Our number one priority is to instil confidence, anchored under the banner #ExpoReady, and to communicate to exhibitors, associated businesses and the consumer that exhibitions are ready to open their doors, and to do it safely.

We have developed messaging and brand assets to be applied across social media platforms, and ask that you tag the EEAA in your social posts.

EEAA Social Media Handles:


#ExpoReady Messaging

Please use the core messages we have developed to include in your social posts, the overarching message is as follows:

“The Events & Exhibition industry is ready to do business this year. Exhibitions can operate safely using all COVIDSafe operating plans in controlled environments.

Unlike shopping centres or hospitality venues, exhibitions can completely control their environment, with 1.5 metre social distancing enforced, world class cleaning protocols throughout, and the ability to track and trace anyone who attends because of mandatory registration. We can exhibit safely, and our exhibitors and attendees safety is our foremost priority.

The industry employs 229,000 people directly (100’s of thousands more indirectly whether that is catering, set builders, sign painters etc.), pays $11.1 billion in wages with a direct economic contribution in 2019 of $35.7 billion. It supports businesses that sell directly at those exhibitions and those sales relationships for businesses can last for years.

#ExpoReady Hashtags


Together we have a great opportunity to influence the future, change and to an extent control the messaging – that we are back. Our goal is for everyone to have this up on as many social media channels, websites and emails we can to flood the market starting today.

A full suite of assets and messaging for each platform can be accessed here.

We are also inviting you to share EEAA member Rodney Cox’s Top 10 Reasons that he misses business events. We invite you to share Rodney’s reasons, accessed here.

Our strategy is simple and designed as ALL INCLUSIVE and does not require any expenditure from you. It is designed to reenforce a simple position:

I urge you all to get involved – #ExpoReady: we are ready to open, ready to assist, ready to serve, ready for success. Join us!


Source: Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia