EEAA UPDATE: Important Update from your Association

By Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia, 26 March, 2020

U N I T Y – Together We Are Stronger

Dear Members,

As you can imagine, we have been under the pump looking at ways to step up and assist our Members, particularly after hearing your feedback from the Information Exchange in Sydney.

As things are moving so quickly we are introducing a weekly EEAA Update to keep you informed, starting from next week. It may be longer or shorter depending on the developments.

Whilst we remain optimistic that Australia’s actions will see a turnaround in the coming months, we know that businesses are under severe pressure and that survival is the immediate priority. We understand the importance of the commercial nature of our Members, and have been concentrating on practical steps that support our Members given these unprecedented times.

We are all trying to navigate these significant challenges to find the best solution for all parties. Cancellations result in losses for many but postponements are being managed and provide the industry with some hope of ongoing cash flow and staff employment.

There needs to be hope, and a vision to rebuild. We cannot lose sight of the future: we need a plan with substance on how we collectively rebound so together the industry bounces back.

In these testing times I wanted to take this time to share some things we are working on. We are developing a raft of material and activities which we have provisionally labelled a Rebound Strategy. This will be ready to share with our loyal valued Members and friends so when it’s back to business as normal, a sound considered plan is in place. We are implementing a four pronged program:

1. Lobbying. Continue to lobby Government for support of the sector, and emphasise the need for sustainment and recovery. As you know we are highly supportive of the work BECA is doing at a national level, and we are collaborating closely with the other industry associations in the sector. In case you missed it, here is the link to the BECA media release. There will be more detail provided about the survey results, access to support programs, and the Sector Sustainment Plan. We are also working on a state by state representation and the importance of getting the industry back on track

2. Support. To make it easier to find the right information we have provided:

3. Feedback. A working group representing each sector is planned to link up fortnightly via a conference call to ensure we continue to listen and so the Board can act accordingly. Representatives will be announced within the week.

4. Rebuild. Most importantly a campaign and vision to how we all rebuild, this is crucial as the rebound needs to be implemented with clear goals and outcomes. We will work on collateral that the industry can use – suppliers, venues, organisers and associations – to help re-establish confidence in exhibition and events.

I specifically want to thank the EEAA team – Claudia Hunter, Emily Leung and Diane Glasson who have been working tirelessly in the interim before my appointment, and over the last few weeks responding to the COVID-19 challenges. As with a large number of Members, we also have had to scale back operations. We put our people at the heart of what we do, and this decision has been particularly difficult given the importance of our events for many in the industry. We know many companies rely on shows as the primary source of revenue and existence; the EEAA depends wholly on the industry’s membership.

Never before has the need for unity and belonging to the association been so important. I ask you to maintain your membership and take advantage, if required, of our flexible payment plans but please renew or rejoin. We need a strong diverse industry to carry weight with Government, deliver support services and execute plans for the bounce-back.

The overwhelming feedback so far has been that people just want to get on with business. There will be pent-up demand, and the first chance to get to a show and mix with peers, friends, customers and colleagues is very high on everyone’s list, when the time is right. There are some encouraging signs of new medical developments, and a small resurgence in economic activity in China and Dubai. Given the whole world is being affected we are confident that EVERYONE is working to get back to normal as soon as possible.

From our association family and team to yours, we hang in, we understand all the challenges you are all going through as we are also in the front line. We value all our Members large and small, and are committed to having a sound plan and strategy not to just rebound but soar to new heights. In the coming months, we will all face similar challenges, but we will start to share our Rebound Strategy, and work collectively towards the future. Whatever your faith and belief, we all need to unite in focussing positive energy to eliminating the current situation.

Stay healthy, and we look forward to the future.

Claudia and the family of EEAA



The Federal and State Governments are offering a range of assistance packages for business as follows: support line: 13 28 46

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