Event Evaluation Template: How to Review Your Data and Identify Improvements

By Eventbrite, 17 February, 2020

If you want to move your events forward, you have to start by looking back. Taking the time to evaluate each event is the best way to make use of your data, stay on track to meet your goals, and keep you or your event team focused on what matters.

To simplify the post-event evaluation process, we’ve developed a free template with step-by-step instructions on how to collect and review the data that will evolve and grow your future events.

Download the template as a guide to evaluate your event, helping your team to:

  • Recognise and celebrate your successes
  • Identify processes that need improvement
  • Assess the output of time and resources vs return on investment
  • Review your target audience and compare it to your actual demographic data
  • Determine your business needs and goals for future events
  • Create a plan to implement changes
  • Set KPIs and milestones to ensure your team stays on track

Click here to get the template

Source: Eventbrite