Adelaide Festival Presents: Human Requiem

When14 - 18 March 2018
Event Type Consumer
Entry Fee 99
Organiser Adelaide Festival - Adelaide Festival

This is not a concert. Yes, Rundfunkchor Berlin is one of the greatest choral ensembles in the world and, yes they are singing a 19th century masterpiece by Brahms (Ein Deutsches Requiem), but this is a musical event like no other. There is no distinction between audience and performers. Until they reveal their radiant voices they could have walked in with you from the street.

For 75 minutes Rundfunkchor Berlin and leading German theatre and dance makers Jochen Sandig and Sasha Waltz, craft an immersive experience of remarkable artistry where the standing audience moves organically with the production, and division between performer and audience, life and death, light and dark all seem to dissolve. You are their intimates as they sing from memory while executing subtle choreography, even (literally) swinging from the rafters to the glorious lilting rhythms.

Brahms, a humanist and agnostic from the humblest of backgrounds, wanted this work to speak to everyone. It stares realistically in the face of death, sometimes with terror, but the prevailing effect is of sublime comfort and empathy for the living. How the world thirsts for that today.

Places are limited so book early to experience this unforgettable event.