Contract Law Fundamentals for Non-Lawyers

When24 - 25 March 2020
Event Type Consumer
Entry Fee 2895

2-Day Training Course. Build confidence around legal terminology & contractual obligations to help protect your commercial interests, assist in contract development & avoid disputes.

Sydney // 18-19 February 2020 | 22-23 June 2020 | 17-18 November 2020
Adelaide // 28-29 July 2020
Brisbane // 24-25 March 2020 | 20-21 October 2020
Canberra // 30-31 March 2020 | 25-26 August 2020
Perth // 25-26 May 2020 | 24-25 November 2020
Melbourne // 16-17 June 2020 | 1-2 December 2020
Hobart // 29-30 June 2020

Key Learning Objectives

  • Examine and address current topical issues in contract law
  • Review statutory and common law obligations that must be incorporated into contracts
  • Develop processes to ensure contract objectives are delivered while mitigating risk
  • Review a select sample of contracts clauses to identify responsibility and liability
  • Implement drafting changes that improve contract clarity and structure
  • Discover how various contract clauses achieve maximum risk management by analysing drafting and testing techniques
  • Understand and initiate a review of contractual governance in your organisation
  • Design effective methods of dispute resolution and documentation collection


About the Course

First in our contract law series and our CMP Certification, this course is designed to address the foundations of contract law in the workplace.

Commercial arrangements sealed with signatures or handshakes are part of daily life for most professionals, across all industries and sectors. They remain good business practice because they’re built on enforceable principles of contract law. Yet with vaguely expressed contracts, unclear offers or acceptance, or even with questions of consideration or undue influence, contractual disputes are still common place.

This course will explore such details as when you need a contract, what type of contract exists and the effect of statutory law on your contractual arrangements.

It covers the crucial ingredients required for a good contract, provides tips for understanding contractual material, and looks at the traps and pitfalls of contract drafting.

The instructor will spend detailed time teaching participants how to interpret examples, and scrutinize what happens when things go wrong.

Who Will Benefit

  • This practical fundamental course is relevant for ALL those who have dealings with contracts in their everyday business environment and is an excellent grounding for professionals new to dealing with contracts as part of their role – in any industry sector.
  • This is for people with no or and very little understanding of contract law. It covers fundamentals therefore is designed to give people an introduction to contract law and how it fits into their daily contract management practice.
  • People with many years of practical experience but no substantive knowledge of the law would find this course very useful as it provides them with a framework in which to place their existing knowledge.
  • People can also use this course as a refresher if they have studied some law earlier in their career.