Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

When27 - 31 March 2020
Event Type Consumer
Entry Fee 1795

1-Day Training Course: Practical tools for Executives, Managers and Leaders to minimise risks and meet legal obligations

Sydney | 27 March 2020
Melbourne | 31 March 2020

Key Learning Objectives

Attendees will take away knowledge, skills and practical tools that will build their confidence and ability to:

  • Establish first steps in tackling the rising issue of workplace mental health
  • Promote programs within their workplace that raise awareness and reduce stigma of mental health conditions
  • Develop strategies that will demonstrate commitment to employee mental health
  • Build a work environment that ensures the positive mental well-being for all employees
  • Address the most common challenges they are likely to encounter in the workplace in regard to the mental health of employees
  • Recognise the early warning signs of poor mental health
  • Have conversations with staff they are concerned about – and to deal with the range of responses from staff they might receive.
  • Manage the complexities of their legal obligations in regard to providing a mentally safe workplace, as well as managing an employee with a mental health condition
  • Effectively support employees with mental health conditions
  • Look after themselves and ensure they maintain positive mental health

About the Course

Research has revealed one in 5 employees has a mental health condition of some sort, and at least 50% of all Australians will be diagnosed with a mental health condition at some time in their life.

There are legal obligations employers must now fulfill to ensure not only the physical safety of their workforce, but their mental (or psychological) safety as well.

Moreover, the PwC report of 2014 revealed that, on average, for every dollar a business invests in mental health initiatives for their staff, there is an ROI of $2.30 to be gained.

Who Will Benefit

  • Leaders from all industry sectors
  • HR, L&D and OH&S professionals
  • Executives and Managers responsible for the productivity and well-being of their staff
  • Senior employees who are keen to lead the movement towards a psychologically safer workplace