Mumbrella MSIX

When4 - 4 October 2018
Venue Other
Event Type Trade

Where ideas are injected into marketing science

​Mumbrella ​MSIX​ is​ the only conference in Australia that brings together the emerging worlds of marketing sciences with the traditional power of creativity and intuition​.​ The day brought together the best emerging ideas in​ the worlds of marketing science, behavioural economics, ​artificial intelligence and data science, along with new approaches to innovation and creative development.​ You heard from nerds, academics, business owners, chief marketing officers, visionaries and the occasional regular person as they all come together to exchange ideas within the ​intriguing world of marketing sciences. It’s a conference for everyone within research, marketing, media, advertising, data and communications and for those of us who want to take a bit more of an evidence-based approach and be better and more effective at what we do.