Native Plant Sale

When21 - 22 April 2018
Event Type Consumer
Organiser Robyn Guy - Australian Plants SA

All the plants are grown in South Australia by members of the society. Most are particularly suitable to Adelaide or South Australian conditions, but many varieties are of interest to enthusiasts - either because they are rare or unusual in some other way. There are about 1,000 different species or varieties available each sale; enough to satisfy just about any requirement.

To help customers choose, there are helpful volunteers on hand, willing to answer queries and help ensure the right choice is made. In many cases, our members may have grown the plant themselves, or know someone who has.

At the Information Desk, people can access general advice including free soil pH testing and recommendations for the different areas of Adelaide. The Information Desk also runs APSQuery (developed by one of our members) to produce a list of suitable plants that meet any requirements such as plant size, flower colour, soil type or water requirements.

Other activities include talks and demonstrations and workshops covering a wide range of subjects as well as book sales of interest to nature lovers and gardeners.

The sale in Spring includes a display of Australian plants in flower at that time.

This is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with experts, growers and plant enthusiasts from all over the State