Strategic Workplace Planning

When18 - 19 March 2020
Event Type Consumer
Entry Fee 2395

2-Day Training course: Future proof your organisation in times of great change.


In the current environment of constant change and rapidly emerging technologies, it is essential for organisations to future proof themselves. Strategic Workforce Planning helps organisations avoid ad-hoc and knee-jerk reactions to the volatile environment. It forces organisations to look at the future of their industry and their customers changing needs and take a proactive approach to recruiting and developing skills within
the organisation.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover the importance and benefits of Strategic Workplace Planning
  • Future proof your organisation
  • Work through the cycle of Strategic Workplace Planning
  • Analyse your organisation’s current position and potential vulnerabilities
  • Analyse the future needs of your organisation
  • Learn to set more effective organisational goals and Key Performance Indicators
  • Learn to conduct a Gap Analysis to help with planning
  • Use a SWOT analysis to plan for the future
  • Develop strategies to bridge the gap between the current and future needs of your organisation
  • Make effective recommendations to senior management
  • Effectively evaluate the plan and prepare for the next cycle

About the Course

This intensive two day workshop is designed to introduce the concept of Strategic Workplace Planning and guide you through the process. Future proofing your organisation against internal and external environmental changes is a significant challenge for organisations today. Whether it is changes in the political environment, a changing customer demographic, emerging technologies or even your own unanticipated success, change is impacting all organisations constantly.

Learn how to anticipate and plan for the future needs of your organisation. Undertaking an analysis of current and future needs to ensure organisational capacity, and then using that analysis to ensure you have the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

You will come away with a range of practical tools and techniques for Strategic Workplace Planning which can be immediately implemented within your organisation to ensure a smoother transition from where you are now to where you need or want to be in the future.

The workshop will draw on real scenarios from the participant group as well as case studies, practical examples and small group discussion.

Who Will Benefit

The program is designed for Human Resource and Learning and Development professionals who wish to undertake the Workforce Planning Process.