The Customer Show 2022

When4 - 5 May 2022
Event Type Consumer
Organiser IQPC Australia - IQPC Australia
Australia’s Biggest Gathering Across The Entire Customer Experience Ecosystem
For most companies in Australia, the internal organisational structure has undergone significant change over the last few years in a response to the on-demand culture customers have come to expect.
We've seen a board-level commitment with the appointment of Chief Customer Officers stepping up to the plate. There's also been a host of new departments crop up as companies expand into more digital and data-driven experiences. Plus a significant shift in the way traditional teams such as the contact centre have operated in the past.
With a vast and complex customer experience model, there's a real risk of losing control - and we all know that it just takes one breakdown in the customer journey to result in a lost customer altogether.

So, how do you put the building blocks in place to ensure you're entire organisation is on the same page when it comes to customer experience success?

Join over 1000 of your peers at The Customer Show to find all the solutions you need!

  • 160+ Speakers
  • 80+ Exhibitors
  • 60 Expo Talks
  • 1 Mega Show