Exhibition organisers launch guide to global standards of health and safety

By Reed Exhibitions, 27 May, 2013

LONDON – 24th May 2013 – The g-Guide will be launched in its new format at London’s ExCeL Exhibition and Convention Centre on 20 June 2013.


The g-Guide is a set of global standards of health and safety for meeting and events which aim to safeguard the health and safety of any person working at or visiting an event or exhibition. The guide is being sponsored by a coalition of prominent global exhibition organisers: Clarion Events, dmg::events, Mayridge, Reed Exhibitions, UBM plc and X-Venture Global Risk Solutions.


As a result of the collaboration between the sponsor companies, the g-Guide is a unique directive which endeavours to raise standards of health and safety across the global market. In particular, the g-Guide was developed to emphasise the production of a robust health and safety culture in developing economies. The guide provides minimally acceptable safety standards while recognising that many countries may have higher standards which take precedence. Further, the guide is designed to raise awareness of the sustainable business culture emerging in the exhibition and meeting industries. On June 20th, it will be launching in its new format in English and a number of foreign language translations.

With this guide, event managers will now have a common basic set of standards, applicable at any venue, for planning events.  These guidelines cover the main areas of health and safety risk and ask that advice should be sought on areas not covered. The g-Guide is a culmination of four years of work drawing on the collective experience of senior operations staff from the sponsor companies and some key contractors.  Contractors and venues who support the guide accept the principles outlined as the basis of a service level agreement with the event organiser. Specialist advice on the content was provided by X-Venture Global Risk Solutions who specialises in event safety management. 

The adoption of the g-Guide will represent a better understanding between the venue and the organiser. Additionally, since the sponsor companies represent a significant share of the organiser market, there is a clear commercial incentive for venues and contractors to positively engage with this initiative.  Several of the major leading venues and contractors have already signed up as g-Guide supporters to confirm their commitment to the aims of the guide and higher standards of health and safety generally.


The sponsors of the g-Guide have made it possible to offer the g-Guide complimentary to the public. To access a PDF copy, please visit, www.theg-guide.org.  The guide is currently available in English, Portuguese and Chinese with plans for Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian available shortly.


To attend the launch, and network with the industry, register your interest at www.theg-guide.org. In addition you can follow us on Twitter and Linked in

Source: Reed Exhibitions UK