By Ungerboeck, 2 November, 2017

Ungerboeck’s innovative Exhibitor Service Centre has been selected as a finalist for Best New Product or Service in the EEAA 2017 Awards for Excellence. Released on 30 October, 2017, the shortlists in the 14 award categories highlight the exceptional standard of exhibition and event delivery in the region.
Ungerboeck's Innovative Exhibitor Service Centre
The first industry award nomination for the Exhibitor Service Centre recognises the innovative attributes of the specialised web-based product, that provides comprehensive digital connectivity for exhibition venues and service providers. The intuitive, responsive platform delivers value and functionality for users by simplifying communication; facilitating revenue growth and linking seamlessly to a client organisation’s back-office.

Fred Lazzerini, Managing Director of Ungerboeck Asia-Pacific, responded to the nomination:”Being shortlisted for this prestigious award is already a huge accolade for this innovative platform.

“Development of the Exhibitor Service Centre stemmed from extensive industry research; recognising the total gap in the market for a product that offers the same level of connectivity and digital service delivery between exhibition venues, service providers and their clients.

“The alpha and beta phased roll-out of the product for the Asia-Pacific market demonstrates Ungerboeck’s commitment to partnering with industry clients to develop and refine products that really work for them and provide them with the functionality they need to deliver exceptional event experiences for their customers.

“We are also very proud that Craig Mather, our dedicated Onboarding Specialist for the Exhibitor Service Centre, has been recognised as a nominee for the EEAA Richard Geddes Young Achiever Award for his enthusiasm and commitment in assisting client organisations throughout their onboarding; making sure they have an outstanding digital offering for their clients.” Lazzerini revealed.
Craig Mather, Ungerboeck's dedicated Exhibitor Service Centre Onboarding Specialist
With a number of leading venues and service providers in the region now live with the intuitive Exhibitor Service Centre, the product looks set to make waves throughout the industry over the coming years.

“Digital interaction is now the standard rather than the exception, and we are proud to provide exceptional platforms like the Exhibitor Service Centre that facilitate these interactions and assist our client partners in their journey through digital transformation.” Lazzerini added.

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Source: Ungerboeck