By , 8 July, 2015

Motorclassica’s unique ‘Club Sandwich’ display will feature more cars, motorcycles and clubs than ever before, at this year’s event at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

More than 400 classic and collectible cars and motorcycles, from 37 clubs, will be shown by enthusiast owners over the Motorclassica weekend, on 24 and 25 October.

As ever, the ‘Club Sandwich’ weekend display alongside the main exhibition hall will change from Saturday to Sunday, so that each day hosts a new group of cars, motorcycles and clubs.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with demand from Clubs wishing to participate in ‘Club Sandwich’ this year,” Motorclassica Event Director Paul Mathers said.

“That’s enabled us to exhibit more cars and motorcycles than ever before, and have more clubs participate, but even so we’ve still had to knock back a number of Clubs and asked others to trim numbers to give us more room.

“It’s presented us with some tough choices, but we are absolutely committed to bring the best that Victorian clubs have to offer in an event which literally has something for everyone.”

‘Club Sandwich’ is again supported by Lorbek Luxury Cars, which will bring a display of high-end sports and luxury cars to the event.

“Motorclassica’s Australian International Concours d’Elegance in the Royal Exhibition Building is all about the ‘best of the best’, the high-end big-money collector cars and motorcycles that you rarely see on the street,” Paul Mathers said.

“Club Sandwich on the other hand, gives us an opportunity to relive our memories in those cars which have earned a special place in our hearts. It represents classics from our own histories, thanks to everyday enthusiasts, and provides Australia’s strong club movement with a chance to participate in Motorclassica in a more inclusive way, with like-minded people.

“It’s also hugely popular with our show goers, and is an integral part of the Motorclassica experience.”

Citroen, which will feature strongly at Motorclassica this year with a display marking 50 years of the legendary DS, is to be represented on both days of ‘Club Sandwich’ by different clubs.

So too will Porsche via the 356 Register and the Porsche Car Club, while non-denominational clubs like the Macedon Ranges Car Club, the Historic Rally Association, the Classic & Historic Automobile Club and the Smokin’ Aces (Hot Rod) Club are set to bring a variety of cars.

As you’d expect from Motorclassica, there’s a huge array of car and motorcycle marques represented by enthusiast owners and clubs.

Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Renault, MG, Bentley, Bolwell, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Volvo, Studebaker, BMW, Rolls Royce, Chrysler, Ferrari, Rover, Austin-Healey, Corvette, Singer, Morris, Triumph and Jensen will all by represented by Club displays.

Ford features strongly too, with displays of Model Ts, Mustangs and Mark 1 Cortinas.

Two-wheeled enthusiasts won’t be disappointed, with displays from the Vintage Euro Riders, Classic & Custom Japanese Motorcycle, Lambretta and Broadford Bike Bonanza Clubs.

Supporting Motorclassica’s ‘Club Sandwich’ will be a selection of food stalls and vans scattered amongst the displays, plus wine-tasting, to further add to the party atmosphere outside the main building.

Motorclassica is a total celebration of the motoring lifestyle, with vendors set to offer automotive books, art, memorabilia, clothing, parts and specialised restoration services.

Prestige new car brands will join the festivities too, with the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Citroen, Lotus, Morgan, MINI and Caterham all ready to celebrate their history with displays that mix the contemporary with heritage models.

An event within an event, ‘Tour Classica’ will see select Motorclassica exhibits drive in convoy through the streets of Melbourne’s CBD on Thursday morning (22 October), prior to taking up residence at the Royal Exhibition Building.

Motorclassica’s annual Collector Car & Memorabilia Auction, conducted by Theodore Bruce, is another highlight and expected to feature over 100 lots of automotive ephemera and around 30 classic cars and motorcycles.

Additional information on the 2015 Motorclassica, to be held at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building from October 23-25, is available on www.motorclassica.com.au.


Source: Media Communications Services for Exhibitions and Trade Fairs