From the latest in VR to gigantic iPhones (well, sort of), Hire Intelligence has exclusive rental rights to the latest tech. Here’s the run down…

By Hire Intelligence, 3 May, 2018

So, you’ve got an app. Now, how do you show it off?

Hire Intelligence has the solution: the Giant iTab. It’s essentially a massively scaled-up iPhone or Android phone and the only product of its size that can run apps exactly as they appear on a handheld device.

Aside from the novelty of the form factor, the key result for the user is familiarity. When facing something akin to their smartphone, people know how to navigate their way through the experience – whether you want them to play a game, use the browser, launch an app or enter their details.

Show attendees love the interactive and intuitive user experience of the Giant iTab. Everything from the newest apps, websites, interactive media and video content are supported, allowing a highly effective platform to present and engage with event traffic.

In an office setting, Giant iTabs are popular among sales, marketing and IT teams, with each using them for different applications to add value to a business. For example, sales and marketing departments love using cutting-edge technology to impress clients and bring in new business, while IT teams use Giant iTabs for web and beta testing on mobile devices. The significant factor here is that if the app has already been developed for the smartphone or tablet, it’s good to go on the iTab – no further work required!

The LED touch panel, housed in an iPhone-style casing, is 42” or 55” across and offers full HD resolution, while advanced native software allows you to choose between iOS & Android operating systems.

The Giant iTab is exclusively available through Hire Intelligence, and bookings are filling up fast.

Of course, Hire Intelligence has everyday technology too, including the largest fleet of rental Gear VR kits, 4K monitors and LED TVs in the business.

Whatever your short-term rental needs Hire Intelligence has you covered. To see our full range, visit or call us on 1300 655 551.

Source: Hire Intelligence