German organisers plan to hold 319 trade fairs abroad in 2016

By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia, 15 November, 2015

German organisers plan to hold 319 trade fairs abroad in 2016

German trade fair organisers are planning 319 foreign trade fairs in 37 countries next year, another increase on previous years (2015: 315; 2014: 306). The number of trade fairs will grow especially in Southern, Eastern and Central Asia and North America. The brochure “German Trade Fair Quality Abroad 2016”, published by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA), provides an overview of these events organised by members of AUMA.

These trade fairs cover almost the entire spectrum of industry including the machinery, the textile and food industry, agriculture and forestry, medical technology, automation and construction technology. The main regions continue to be Southern, Eastern and Central Asia, where 160 events will be taking place, followed by non-EU countries in Europe (70), North America (25), the EU (22), Latin America (19), the Middle East (15), Africa (6) and Australia/Oceania (2). A total of 18 members of AUMA organise their own trade fairs abroad.

The brochure entitled “German Trade Fair Quality Abroad“ lists the trade fairs by industry and venue. Information on main products and services, year launched, intervals and contact details is provided for every fair. The brochure targets export-oriented companies both in Germany and abroad.

The calendar can be ordered or downloaded free of charge from AUMA by clicking Publications.
Full details and the latest updates on individual trade fairs can be found on the internet at fair database and at

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Source: The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA)