By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia, 3 August, 2015

(SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) 03 August 2015 – On-the-ball event marketing and a desire to maximise the potential of a unique venue on the harbour are paving the way for another successful Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) this year. 

Marking its 26th edition, AGE will be held 11-13 August 2015 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island ([email protected]). 

“On the back of a successful run at Glebe Island last year and increased marketing efforts this year, all exhibitor space for the event sold out several months ago,’ said Ross Ferrar, CEO of Gaming Technologies Association (GTA), the event organiser. 

Intensified online presence via social media and pre-populated registration communication to last year’s attendees were also key to delivering robust results.

“Visitor registrations are currently just over 4,000 which is 35% up on the same period in 2014. Registrations from Queensland have doubled, which is remarkable because our show dates coincide with the EKKA holiday period,” he added.

“Fear of the unknown was at play last year but the relocation to Glebe Island proved to be a refreshing evolution with visitors and exhibitors enjoying the harbourside location, the profusion of ambient light throughout and ease of access, with the free ferry service being the preferred mode of transport by a third of our visitors,” Ferrar continued. 

“This year, there’s more confidence over-all. There is resilience in the gaming industry too and this has also worked in our favour.”

Over the years, AGE has earned the title as the one-stop destination for gaming decision makers in Australasia. It draws the most influential people leading the most innovative companies in the industry to see groundbreaking new technologies and never-before-seen products. 

AGE 2015 sees the launch of a customised event application designed to enhance attendee experience and engagement. A show floor boasting nearly 8,000 sqm of space for 174 exhibitors demonstrates the industry’s diverse products and services, from core gaming to integrated offerings. AGE also serves as the preeminent networking event for gaming stakeholders across the region, with daily events on and off the show floor.

“AGE was one of the first events booked at the Centre and we have been fortunate in having a truly collaborative and engaged partnership with GTA for two years now,” said [email protected] General Manager Malu Barrios. 

“GTA has been pro-active with stepped up marketing spend and exposure throughout the year. We work synergistically with their promotional efforts, sharing content via our social media channels for one. For the very first time, our website home page was bumped off the most viewed spot this month, with the AGE listing garnering over 4,800 views in July alone, and nearly 12,000 views since we published it. Hats off to GTA for a purposeful event marketing program!” Barrios added.

Australasian Gaming Expo 2016 will also return to [email protected] on 9 – 11 August, 2016.


Source: Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island