Local Government & Councils Summit: Planning for the New Event World

By Ungerboeck, 11 June, 2020

After a successful first Venues Summit hosted at the beginning of June that welcomed over 250 live attendees, venue leaders from government organisations across the Asia-Pacific region will gather together on Thursday 18th June, 11.00am AEST for a second summit dedicated to the public sector.

The Summit will take place one week after New Zealand lifted all coronavirus restrictions as they moved into Alert Level 1. The New Zealand panellists will discuss initiatives implemented as part of their return to normal and what their events agenda is starting to look like. On his side, the Australian guest speaker will share his insights on their recovery strategies while working within important government regulations to ensure the safety of their patrons for the return of live in-person events.

The panel will welcome Louise Gardiner from Regional Facilities Auckland, Irene James from H3, and David Milne from City of Whitehorse.

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Local Government & Councils Summit panellists



Source: Ungerboeck