Lüp Events – well ahead of the curve

By Lup, 18 June, 2020

Lüp Events has provided a fully customisable platform for many years now. As we strive to continually remain ahead of the curve in all aspects of business, we’ve included the isolation relaxation rules into the platform and will continue to adjust them as rules and regulations shift in the coming months.

While we recognise the importance of people, without which there can be no events, our technology and hardware is perfectly scalable making registrations and badge printing requirements for large volumes of people possible, all the while, observing social distancing and enforcing COVIDSafe requirements.

Managing Director, Mr. Neeshil Pabari was incredibly enthusiastic about the outlook for events and expos reopening soon, saying “Lüp Events are providing a key part to a COVIDSafe environment that will allow expos to open again, by ensuring that all attendees are fully contactable and traceable.”

Significantly, at consumer shows, where registration was previously optional, Lüp regularly achieved high registration rates of 70-100% of all attendees. Our technology and platform can easily adapt to 100% registration of visitors at these consumer events to meet COVIDSafe guidelines easily and entirely contactless whilst maintaining a great experience for the visitor.

Requirement / Objective Strategy / Solution
Register all visitors to consumer events to meet contact tracing requirements Lup is best positioned to register ​all ​visitors to consumer events to meet COVIDSafe guidelines

  • Online ticket purchasers can register all tickets prior to events, workshops or seminars
  • Onsite ticket purchasers can register their tickets on their mobile in real-time before entry
  • In addition, socially distanced, high volume iPad registration zones with enhanced levels of COVIDSafe approved cleaning process
Restrict entry to registered visitors Lup’s door entry scanners restrict entry to only those who have successfully completed the appropriate registration as per COVIDSafe requirements.
Trade Registrations and Badge Printing Our iPad based, contactless scan-to-register devices can scale easily and will become a standard; systematically ensuring that registrations have been in a social-distancing manner
Real time reporting of the number of people in the venue Organisers will be able to tell, in real-time, exactly how many people are inside the event at any one time using Lüp’s scan-in-scan-out technology
Health Directives Beyond what technology can provide, Lüp will be ensuring

  • strategies for queuing that meet social-distancing requirements
  • that equipment is sufficiently separated
  • cleaning procedures are strictly observed & recorded; and
  • ticketing and additional signage remind people of distancing requirements

We’re excited that the Events Calendar is starting to warm up again and hope to reassure you that Lüp Events​ is still here, ready and waiting to enrich event experiences for everyone.

In the meantime, stay safe and we will see you at the show!

For further enquiries please contact Lüp: [email protected]

GPO Box 647, Brisbane QLD 4001

Source: Lup