MCEC’s employee intranet ranked seventh in the world

By Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 12 May, 2014

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre’s (MCEC) intranet has created a buzz globally ranking seventh in the world and third in Asia-Pacific in the Worldwide Intranet Challenge.

The Hive was ranked against 187 intranets for its range of successful initiatives including:

  • ability to access the intranet from home
  • frequently updated and user-relevant content
  • fun and engaging education campaigns and events
  • electronic news screens in back-of-house areas
  • free standing computer terminals
  • weekly chief executive blog
  • online feedback forms
  • centralised document centre
  • online learning and development portal and rostering system.

MCEC’s Director of Technology Operations Michael Walsh said: “The Hive was built using SharePoint 2010 and is a huge success story for us.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in information sharing across the business and stronger working relationships between our employees to deliver world class events.”

The Hive also ranked number two in the world for accurate information; number three for the homepage and concise up-to-date information; and four for online and printable forms, information about MCEC’s products and services, training manuals and online training.

Director of Human Resources Rochelle Choyna said: “The Hive was launched as part of MCEC’s culture change project ‘unity’ – MCEC’s first employee driven culture program aimed at delivering outstanding customer experiences and a more innovative and rewarding working environment.”

Prior to The Hive’s launch in March 2012 employees were involved in focus groups and face-to-face interviews, an intranet renaming competition, online feedback forms, education campaigns and birthday celebrations in MCEC’s employee restaurant.

The Worldwide Intranet Challenge invites companies from around the world to benchmark their intranet with others by asking their employees to complete a survey covering topics, such as design, content, employee interaction and intranet management.

Source: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre