Moreton Hire

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Services Display Stands/Equipment Hire
Location Altona North
Other Location/s VIC
Phone (03) 9300 5700

Moreton Hire is the leading Business Event and Special Event provider across the Asia-Pacific.

From exhibitions, meetings and conferences to major, special and sporting events, Moreton Hire provides key infrastructure for some of Australia’s most iconic events.
Moreton Hire’s full range of products and services include:

• Exhibitions & Trade Shows Infrastructure
• Custom Exhibition Stand and Fit Out Builders
• Major Event Infrastructure including Marquees and Equipment
• Furniture, Catering & Equipment Hire
• Signage
• Rigging
• Events & Design – Theming & Interior Design
• Audio Visual & Lighting Hire
• Project and Event Logistics
• QX Labour – labour hire

Offices are situated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Far North Queensland, Singapore and now in Europe.