The Visual Storytellers

Services Experiential ,
Location Ryde
Other Location/s NSW
Phone (04) 0368 3755

The Visual Storytellers is an eclectic group of visual thinkers, formers and creators who strive to make your event, conference or offsite an awe inspiring, interactively illustrated, meaningful and memorable, meeting of the minds.

They will support you to put on your awesome show and capture your content and communications in cartoons live! So that your event investment is insured. Your participants will remember the event easier, retain information longer and surprise their colleagues back at the office with the fun visual synthesis of their session. We strive to ensure your purpose, your event and your speakers are Seen, Heard and Remembered Everytime!

Call it live illustration, graphic recording, graphic facilitation or visual note-taking. The Visual Storytellers live illustrate the spoken word to create graphic minutes of your conference. Half event entertainment half engagement and communication tool. The visual storytellers have been illustrating events, conferences and meetings all over Australia for the last 10 + years!