Tradevent Solutions

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Services Registration , Ticketing
Location Surry Hills
Phone (02) 8282 4900

Tradevent Solutions has been providing registration services to event organisers for over 20 years. Our wealth of knowledge and in-depth understanding of the industry is second to none which allows us to offer a consultative approach to you, further enhancing your event.

We are renowned for our on-site service and highly experienced staff who adapt seamlessly to each individual event and become an extension of the organising team. Tradevent Solutions onsite staff pride themselves on ensuring event attendees have a smooth and seamless entry experience.

Technology is key and Tradevent Solutions is continuously developing our software both in functionality and the all-important user interface. All registration pages and products are fully customised to suit individual requirements and if organisers prefer to utilise other registration software whilst still benefiting from our extensive onsite expertise, we are very open to this and our integration capabilities into other software is flawless.

Tradevent Solutions supply badging, accessories, staff, hardware, exhibitor scanning hardware and exhibitor scanning app, entry door scanning, conference scanning, etc. We also offer a “do it yourself” approach whereby an organiser can hire our equipment and we then provide 24/7 phone support whilst they are onsite.

Tradevent Solutions are based in Sydney but travel Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and dynamic in the ever changing Event Industry!