Moreton Hire committed to manufacturing Australian made custom stands

By Moreton Hire, 25 May, 2015

With this week marking National Manufacturing Week, Moreton Hire celebrates their commitment to designing and manufacturing Australian made custom stands and remaining competitive in the exhibition industry.


According to Moreton Hire COO, Roger Motteram, strong B2B relationships have never been a more integral part of manufacturing within Australia. 


“There will always be a place for Australian manufacturing but the industry is changing and those who don’t change with it will not survive,” he says


“You can’t let yourself to get comfortable with one single way of doing business because budgets are getting tighter and tighter and operating costs keep getting higher and higher.  You need to push your suppliers for creative ideas and alternative solutions.”

Moreton Hire continues to find new ideas taking inspiration from everything from architecture to nature and there’s a strong internal focus on collaboration and brainstorming with overseas travel, seminars and ongoing training all part of the strategy to remain at the cutting edge.

Continuing to manufacture in Australia and remain competitive also relies heavily on solid relationships with suppliers as Roger explains.


“We have many preferred suppliers that we provide constant work to in return for cost effective and top quality services,” he says.


Having commercial furniture manufacturing business, Prototype, sitting in the Moreton Hire business also provides a competitive advantage as the businesses are able to leverage expertise from each other to deliver the best results for their customers.


Recent examples of Moreton Hire’s custom stands include Brisbane Truck Show, AIME and Mitre 10


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Source: Moreton Hire