Moreton Hire’s new structures with Impact

By Moreton Hire, 13 March, 2013

When seeking a unique space for your next event, a marquee or temporary structure may be the ideal solution; particularly for organisers looking for something different.

The latest range of structures from Moreton Hire is an exciting addition to the tent market in Australia. Launched this month at Avalon Airshow in Victoria, the new look structures move beyond the standard A-Frame design and can be characterised by their unique shapes and rooflines. From curved rooves with a 10-meter profile to new linings for interior finishes, the range offers clean lines, and will guarantee a premium experience to visitors and guests to any event.

A particular star of the range is The Hex; a hexagonal shaped structure with a unique 6 point roofline. Ideal for those seeking versatility, the design is modular and can be used as a stand alone feature area or joined together for more space. It comes with solid walls or the option of a glass finish and still maintains a seamless front with clean lines, similar to Moreton Hire’s complete range.

Beyond its striking shape, The Hex’s contained footprint also means the structure can suit a gamut of events. From product launches and community events to larger corporate business events, The Hex can be adapted and fitted out to any specification.  

So in considering a unique venue for your next event, consider a temporary structure or marquee as a striking structure is sure to guarantee a lasting impression with your guests, as there is one certainty –   everybody loves events-in-tents!

As national supplier and market leaders with over 41 years experience, Moreton Hire has Australia’s largest, most expansive and diverse range of event products and services.

Source: Moreton Hire