New Research: The 2020 Event Trends Report

By Eventbrite, 28 January, 2020

The Definitive Guide for Australia’s Experience Makers

The Australian events industry is stable, to say the least. A recent poll of 6,843 global event creators, including 1,003 in Australia, shows that there are more events in the pipeline than ever before. What’s more — Aussie event professionals are optimistic about the future of the events industry in general. It’s an auspicious way to start the new decade.

Snapshot of the industry: More events, happier employees

  • 83% run multiple events a year
  • 60% plan to run more events in 2020
  • 64% are satisfied with their job in events
  • 20% believe reaching new attendees will be easier

What keeps Aussie event creators up at night?

So much goes into crafting the ultimate live experience. One wrong decision can lead to failure. And no matter how masterfully orchestrated your event may be, your success is never guaranteed. But is the potential for a logistical nightmare what keeps Australian event creators up at night?

From diversity to sustainability, you’ll discover the trends and challenges that will impact their success — and yours — in the full report.

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Source: Eventbrite