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By The Visual Storytellers, 28 August, 2019

Visual Storytellers are now offering Virtual Scribing via Skype for Business or Zoom

This allows us to offer a cut rate price for Visual storytelling that means you could have us in your short meetings, podcasts, webinars.

And all we need is that the audio quality and sound is great at your end. Oh, and the internet speed is also of a good speed and quality.

We jump on a Skype or Zoom meeting with you and your team. Share our screen to your meeting and we proceed as normal. We scribe away and you see the visual notes of your session come to life on the screen at your end. There are tons of ways to do this and we always play with the setup to get the best outcome.

We don’t even have to show the scribing to the screen if it isn’t required.

But you will get full colour visual minutes of your meeting within an hour or two after the call ends. Meaning you don’t have to think about taking notes, you can use the visual minutes to help facilitate the meeting and you have a fun way of sharing what happened in your meeting that people are more likely to engage with!

Very excited to share and trial this with you and your company.

So contact us now on 0403 683 755 if you would like to know more.

What else have we been up to?

In the last 6 weeks we have worked with Toyota Finance, Temenos, ACT Water, The Summer Foundation, Device Technologies, Silk Road, Six Degrees Executives, The Ferragosto Festival, City of Sydney, The Grain Conference and an amazing group of artists on Cockatoo Island.

We have created animations for AGL and illustrations for Foxtel, Rugby, ACT Water, Ontoit and many others.

Our highlights for the month were a job on Cockatoo Island, City Of Sydney Youth Summit, Ferragosto and working with The Summer Foundation.

Youth Summit for The City of Sydney

We also worked with the City of Sydney at a Youth Summit where we illustrated the ideas of high school students for what they believe the Future of our City should look like! These illustrations were also used to present to the Mayor Clover Moore at a reception at Town Hall on Thursday evening. Our Visual Storyboards were up in the hall but were also digitally edited to be in the PowerPoint presentation for the kids. This made it very youthful, vibrant and unique and the kids loved it. What’s great is this whole initiative will be turned into a book that all the kids will have at their school too (including our visuals) Very Exciting to be part of such a powerful initiative of the city of Sydney and I look forward to seeing the suggestions implemented over the coming years.

Ferragosto 2019 Canada Bay City Council

Ferragosto 2019 was a massive food, art and music street festival in Five Dock. Amazing smells, amazing food, great performances and we created a live interactive mural about the event. Starting slowly drawing in the crowd as we draw out in black lines things that represented Italy and the festival. Once we were happy with the framework we added a little colour before handing the reigns over to all the festival goers. They coloured, wrote and drew their voice onto the boards. We asked them about their experience drawing specific foods, thoughts, key words and ideas onto the mural. People loved seeing their ideas become reality and kids flooded the wall to make their mark!

Was an incredible day check out the video of this experience below.


Source: The Visual Storytellers