Oil and Gas In Focus – AOG 2018

By Diversified Communications, 15 December, 2017

Oil and Gas In Focus – AOG 2018



Technology and the future of oil and gas –

In focus.

In this month’s update we’re putting the spotlight on how Australian companies are transforming to adopt new technologies in order to stay competitive. Find out more about the remarkable role of robots in exploration; how drones continue to push the boundaries of the oil and gas industry; and we sat down with Juliet Bourke to discuss her views on diversity and inclusion.


Digitisation and new frontiers for oil and gas
As robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) evolve, the Australian oil and gas sector is transforming. We’re seeing a significant shift from a country rich in resources, to a country with the smarts to build an equipment, technology and services sector focussed on digitised and automated processes › KEEP READING


Robots of the deep
Exploration is one of the most critical parts of the oil and gas production chain, and with the industry seeing plenty of advances in this field in recent years, there’s a whole lot more on the cards. One of the biggest focuses for the field are remotely controlled and autonomous subsea robots which map terrain and collate data. › KEEP READING
The AI Revolution
The artificial intelligence revolution is well underway and has the potential to revolutionise industries of all kinds. One area which stands to benefit more than most is the oil and gas sector. As the industry continues to expand in Australia, bodies throughout the field are heavily investing in AI solutions. › KEEP READING


Blowing up the concrete
“To really get change we need to blow up the concrete”, so says leading international Diversity and Inclusion specialist, Juliet Bourke. The “concrete” Juliet is referring to are the ideas, policies, practices and behaviours that have become a “calcified” part of the ways some industries and businesses have been run for way too long. › KEEP READING
Drones – an expanding field
The use of drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) continues to expand rapidly in areas of the oil and gas industry. Rather than creating new technology, makers of drones are building onto existing technology, finding new and innovative uses for the advancements. › KEEP READING

The annual Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference (AOG) is the platform event for the Australian oil and gas industry featuring over 200 exhibiting companies, premium networking opportunities and three days of free-to-attend conference sessions. This event is a showcase of the latest technology, products and services, and attracts over 8,000 global visitors providing opportunities to network and learn about the most innovative breakthroughs which will drive the industry into the future. › KEEP READING






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