By Reed Exhibitions, 11 September, 2013

PAX Aus, an event the likes of which has never been seen before in the southern hemisphere, said ‘Welcome Home’ to tens of thousands of gaming fans, who excitedly packed into the Melbourne Showgrounds two weeks ago.

The only event of its kind with an indisputable ‘For the Fans’ attitude permeating through every nook and cranny of its 25,000 square metres, PAX Aus shouted from the rooftops that Australian gaming is alive, well and kicking some serious ass – selling out of all available tickets in just a couple of months.

An event spawned from the popular US online comic-strip and now major international brand, Penny Arcade, it brought together fanatics of console games, PC games, card games, board games, wargames and role play, for three full-on interactive days of madness.

PAX has already enjoyed great success in the US – PAX Prime in its spiritual home of Seattle and PAX East in Boston – and it is a great compliment that Penny Arcade chose Melbourne and Reed Exhibitions Australia to start its global invasion.

With great support from the Victorian Government, the interactive Games Association of Australia, Game Developers Association of Australia, and Melbourne’s Federation Square, PAX Aus included International first panels, previews and tournaments but it was the inclusive, ‘get involved’ atmosphere that really brought the show to life and made it a truly historic inaugural event.

Reed Exhibitions Event Manager, Bernadette Neumann, believes this is only the start. “The feedback and outpouring of support from the fans has been overwhelming,” said Neumann.  “So expect to see us grow and grow until our fans completely take over the city of Melbourne – another reason why the support of the Victorian Government is so important to us.”

Exhibitors and developers alike were ecstatic with the event.  Nicole Tannous of Energizer said, “Wonderful event.  Wonderfully executed.  It absolutely achieved our goals and we couldn’t be happier.  Look forward to 2014!”

Mirko Gozzo from Riot Games had a similar experience and said, “We are very happy with the event.  We had such great feedback from the community and Rioters are so excited and regenerated by the show. A great experience!”

But as with the event itself, the fans that are most important, and Reed Exhibitions Australia in association with Penny Arcade, are proud to give them the final word:

“It felt like home. It felt like people were all friends. It felt amazing.”

“It's not about which company has the best hardware, the best game, the best console, it's about the gamers themselves.”

“The whole event was such a celebration of gaming and didn't feel like some big corporate show where BUY BUY BUY was always being pushed at you – where else could you find a massive indoor area of tables specifically set aside for board and card games, next to a tonne of consoles set up where you could just borrow games and go nuts, side-by-side with a huge area filled with beanbags where you could just relax and play handheld stuff? And next to that a heap of ancient consoles to go nostalgia tripping on? The best.”

“Thank you so much for bringing PAX to Australia; I really cannot express how much I appreciate the show, you guys and this whole experience. So, thank you for being yourselves and showing us that it is ok to be ourselves as well.”

“Been thinking about it a lot, but I'm pretty sure that so far PAX Aus was actually the best weekend of my life.”

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Source: Reed Exhibitions