Poker Ranch Sorting – Special Event Feature

By Australian Events, 23 May, 2017

The Poker Rodeo Association presents …


The 2017 Queensland Beef Expo will play host to the first Poker Ranch Sorting competition held in Australia. Poker Ranch Sorting is the fastest growing equine sport in the world, the only arena equestrian sport that challenges riders to think strategically and ride competitively in dynamic timed events.

Poker Ranch Sorting is a rodeo with a twist! Imagine the familiar sports of cattle sorting or team penning, but instead of standard numbers on the cattle, you’re looking at giant playing cards. Each team is challenged with making their best possible five card poker hand by either sorting or penning five card-tagged cows in the fastest possible time. Teams are rewarded substantially for speed as well as the value of their “hand”.

Queensland Beef Expo is Southern Queensland’s leading beef industry and farming event strategically located within the Darling Downs, which contains approximately 22% of the state’s cattle. The three-day event will feature a major trade exhibition, led steer competition, seminar program, spring classic all breed sale, functions and for the first time in Australian, the Poker Ranch Sorting competition.

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Source: Australian Events