President’s Message: 24 November 2021

By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia , 24 November, 2021

Dear Members,

It is pleasing to see vaccination rates increasing across Australia and New Zealand and events returning at a rather fast pace. So too is it good to see further international travel pathways opening and we look forward to the benefits this will have to our industry. With these developments and evolutions however, we are presented with new challenges as an industry and the EEAA will continue to share these changes, challenges and recommendations with you all as they transpire.

Lobbying and Advocacy

At both a State and Federal level the Association continues our advocacy drive with a shift of focus now on cancellation insurance, talent recruitment and retention and financial support for businesses where possible.

Our key focus in the new year will be on building the solid foundations of the industry and plans for regrowth and rebuild to position all suppliers, venues and organisers in the best possible position.

Special Interest Groups

The recent Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for venues, suppliers and organisers were well attended and provided a valuable platform for both members and prospective members to discuss the key challenges and focus areas across the industry. We will schedule follow up SIGs in both January and April 2022 to provide a platform for our members to discuss the evolution of the return of business events and exhibitions.

Membership Renewals

Membership renewals have been distributed and we have been very pleased with the timely payment of so many membership fees. Thank you to all those members who have renewed their membership and we look forward to seeing further renewals in the new year. If there is any element of your membership you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact me.

With these renewals we have also seen a number of new members joining and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome both Spyder Displays and Mirror Image Marketing to our Association.

Case Studies

We want to hear your success stories! As events restart please send through case studies of your events which we will share on our social media platforms. Where possible, statistics from these events will also be used in our lobbying efforts as well.

Register for Christmas Parties

We are delighted to be hosting Christmas Parties in collaboration with MEA in both Sydney and Melbourne on Monday, 6 and Monday, 13 December respectively. If you haven’t already, please ensure you register as soon as possible.

Sydney –

Melbourne –

Warm regards,

Nicole Walker
President, EEAA